Day 1

Day 1: The Most Wonderful Wonder | Varmints!

The Most Wonderful Wonder
The Most Wonderful Wonder is a bi-weekly audio marvel presented by Mr. and Mrs. Hall of Welcome Little Stranger. It’s a joyride down history’s back roads, past bizarre spectacles of tragedy, folklore, and strange, true tales. Join your tour guides as they unearth weird and wonderful pieces of the past, and dig up the roots of American music.

The Varmints podcast is an education/comedy podcast that’s all about animals! And who better to teach you than two nerds named Paul and Donna? They aren’t exactly animal experts. More like animal enthusiasts. Anyway, every week they do a whole bunch of research to educate themselves and you the listener on all things that creep, crawl, slither, fly, hop and swim on this planet one animal at a time. It’s just like one of those fancy nature documentaries on PBS except without David Attenborough. Or any kind of expertise. Or fancy, polished production values by viewers like you. They might make tote bags someday, though.

The Most Wonderful Wonder: Beautiful Ohio: Part 1


Our species has a terrible propensity for violence. Throughout history, humans have shown surprising ingenuity when it comes to means and methods of murder, whether dispatching a single enemy, or slaughtering billions.
More episodes of note: The Preacher & The Slave | All Through The Night

“A magical trip through a twilight zone version of NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion. History, music and the macabre presented by two aurally gifted presenters.”
Already Gone Podcast 

“The introduction to the Most Wonderful Wonder tells the listener they’re about to take a “joy ride down history’s back roads” with Mr. and Mrs. Hall, “connecting weird and wonderful pieces of the past.” The introduction piqued my curiosity and indeed created a sense of wonder before the episode began. In Beautiful Ohio, Part 1, the Halls tell the story of history’s first known murder victims as a prelude to a double homicide long before the days of modern technology. The murder occurred in 1854. Medical student Isaac Allison was in a marine hospital at the Cincinnati college of Medicine and Surgery, his lovely young wife Catherine visiting his bedside. A package was delivered. This seemingly innocuous box wrapped in brown paper would be known as the infernal machine, a diabolical bomb that took the life of both Isaac and Catherine.

The Halls tell this tale with a mysterious sense of history. Their voices are soothing, as soothing as the musical selections that accompany the storytelling. This episode passes through time offering more than one tale of tragedy from Ohio, including the passing of the last passenger pigeon, a bird named Martha who died at the Cincinnati zoo. The meandering pace fits this podcast, creating a sense of comfort as if you’re tubing along a lazy river, almost finding solace these sad, unexpected tales. I’m delighted I was asked to listen to the Most Wonderful Wonders. I can tell this podcast will be a new favorite!”
TwistedPhilly Podcast

“I wasn’t sure about this podcast before I gave it a shot. Folk and Country music aren’t really my thing usually. However, it really adds a nice atmosphere to the stories in this podcast. The style of story telling, the content of the stories, and the musical element are a refreshing change. Unique and quirky in the best ways. You should give this show a listen. I think you’ll like it!”
-Podcasts We Listen To

Varmints!: Otters


In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about otters! Otters were suggested by Varmints listener, Andrea. Thanks Andrea! Everyone knows otters are cute, but did you know they can juggle? You’ll hear more about that and a lot of other fun otter facts. You “otter” Join Paul and his new co-host, Donna, and learn about these amazing critters! Come on in, the water’s adorable!
More episodes of note: Horses | Ravens | Beavers

“This is one of my favorite independent podcasts. It’s hard to tell but they aren’t actually animal experts. But Paul and Donna do strike a perfect balance between being informative and entertaining. This is no more evident than in episode 18 about Otters. You’ll hear about the “animal fart database” (Rabbits do not) and learn fascinating facts about Otters like how they have two layers of fur that prevents their skin from getting wet. Give them a listen. They will crack you up AND blow your mind…at the same time.”
-The GravityBeard Podcast

“This podcast is the levity we need right now. It is both fun and funny, sweet and sincere, and full of both pop culture and animal facts. The hosts are both clearly passionate about animals, and take the task of tackling a different animal each week seriously. And Donna’s voice is uniquely divine and suits the content perfectly. I have recommended this show on my own, multiple times; that is how much I love Varmints!”
Our Americana Podcast

This is a great podcast for anyone of any age. It is a great mix of facts and fun stuff! Learning things like what Otter poop can be used for, and the fart facts segment of this episode had me laughing out loud. Then there is the actual learning. I had no idea, for example that Otters are considered predators! They’re so cute, though! The combination of fun and factual information, along with the great chemistry of the hosts made for a great listening experience. Give this show a shot!
-Podcasts We Listen To


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