Day 2

Day 2: Wine & Crime | Is This Adulting?

Wine & Crime
Wine & Crime is a true crime / comedy podcast. Join three friends as they chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents!

Is This Adulting?
Is This Adulting? is an all new podcast about two best friends navigating adulthood as overgrown man-children. Each week, they sit down to talk about life, culture, mental health, and anything you can think of.

Wine & Crime: Exorcisms Gone Wrong

wine and crime

In this episode, the gals get into exorcising (not the healthy kind). Topics include exorcism rituals from around the world, cool popes, an exceptionally unfortunate Romanian orphan, and why burying yourself alive is never wise. This week’s episode is paired with Santa Elvira Pinot Grigio (we hear white wine a day keeps the demons at bay), so put down your torch, grab a bottle (and a rosary), and tune in.

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“Wine and crime do an excellent job of discussing a controversial topic in a lighthearted way. The three hosts deliver the perfect balance of jokes and information. I learnt a lot about exorcisms and had a laugh doing it. Also, some great wine recommendations to boot. What’s not to like?”
S’Laughter Podcast

“Think about if an exorcism is right for you. This morbidly funny and informative quote pretty much sums up the entire episode. Because after all, if your behavior has changed you could be possessed. That’s a real possibility. These ladies are funny, provide good research, and have motivated me to binge listen to all of their shows.”
Between Us Girls Podcast

Were you wondering what wine to pair with a discussion about failed exorcisms? Of course, you were. Then tune into episode 12 of Wine & Crime to find out. It’s one of my favorite episodes of this original spin on true crime. No one is more qualified to help you pair the right wine with a particular true crime story than the hosts of the Wine & Crime podcast. You’ll be both enlightened and entertained. Play along and you will likely get tipsy in the process.”
-The GravityBeard Podcast

Is This Adulting?: Shart In The City


In this episode: We welcome super-podcaster Brooke Gittings, fences get mended, we learn the power of starburst preference, Brooke tells us all about her shows, Steven finally hosts a game, and we discover that Chris may have single-handedly run the country’s second largest electronics store out of business.
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“I always get nervous when I see a podcast with two guys talking about things. I call them Bro-Shows. This is not that. Chris and Steven are relatable, honest, authentic, and incredibly endearing. Listening to this show is like casually hanging out with good friends, telling familiar stories that never fail to make you laugh. In this particular episode, they openly geek out over their shared affinity for guest Brooke Gittings (host of the Actual Innocence and Convicted podcasts). I am so happy to have been introduced to Is This Adulting?”
The Karen & Ellen Letters Podcast

“I really liked this episode! They did a great job setting up their episode in the beginning with the banter and then making the guest feel right at home. Then they did some audience engagement as well as the typical segments that they present so I could already see their general outline. The guest they had on was very good as well. I am going to check out more of her episodes as a result.”
Not Your Father’s Podcast 

“Steve and Chris are going to be your new best friends. They give a lighthearted approach to some serious topics. They also have some fun playing games with their guests. They discuss everything from Friends (the TV show) to the best flavor of Starbursts, and the stae of their mental health. Give this show a shot if you are looking for a fun time!”
-Podcasts We Listen To