Day 3

Day 3: Our Americana |The Enthusiasm Enthusiast

Our Americana
Our Americana is a weekly podcast that explores community through the stories of Small Town America. Each week the podcast heads to a new town, to talk to the locals about their lives, their histories, their relationships, and the stories that impact, cultivate, & challenge their community.

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast
A feminist podcast where people from all walks of life share the thing about which they’re most passionate.

Our Americana: Austin, Indiana: Part 1 (Five Percent)



In a small, rural Indiana town, what started as a drug epidemic became an HIV crisis. Government, religion, public health, the community, and the media coalesce in their various attempts to help a town in peril.

More episodes of note: Gold River, BC | Salem, OR | Morgantown, WV

“In the first of a three part series, Josh Hallmark allows residents and community members to lay the framework of a town in crisis, suffering through the onslaught of an HIV outbreak. By bringing in guests familiar with the town and its issues, you get a real sense of the scope of the problem. Outside audio paired with musical accompaniment carry the listener from one scene to the next, down the most empathic approach to journalism to have broken onto the podcast scene in quite some time. The final bombshell will leave you speechless and prompt an immediate download for the following episodes. Excellent work.”
Omitted Podcast

“On the surface, Our Americana is a podcast about small town American and it does indeed offer an authentic look at small town lives and attitudes. Dig deeper and you’ll find a podcast that, at it’s heart, is really about communicating and understanding one another on a personal level. At times Our Americana can be poignant and sad; at times it can be uplifting and hilarious. What this podcast will always do is make you think and help you feel a little better about our country right now.”
The Varmints! Podcast

“In the episode, #Vanlife, Josh has some fascinating conversations with others who are living life on the road in America. They discuss their highs, their lows, how living in a van has changed them, and even how hard it is to adjust to life after the van experience. As with all Our Americana episodes, this one was heart-warming and Josh shows off his amazing ability to listen while providing the perfect amount of commentary.”
Canadian True Crime Podcast

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast: Pioneering Space & Motherhood with Dr. Anna Fisher


Dr. Anna Fisher gave birth to her first daughter on a Friday and was back at NASA for a work meeting on Monday. Let that sink in for a moment. Dr. Fisher is exceptional in so many ways. She was one of the only women in her medical school class at UCLA. She was in the first class of female astronauts at NASA. She also took 7 years in the middle of her career to stay home with her daughters. She’s been a pioneer, mentor, and friend to all of the astronauts (and cosmonauts), but especially to the female ones. She’s retiring next month, so it was a huge honor to speak with her before she goes on to the next chapter of her extraordinary life.

More episodes of note: Refugee Aid | Broadway Baby | Female Partnerships

“This was a great episode that highlights the many facets of a woman – strong, smart, feminine, nurturing, adventurous. What greater person to depict these qualities than with the first mother in space, Dr. Anna Fisher. This episode just speaks to the resilience of women and how women can do anything yet have to be better. Informative and entertaining.”
Between Us Girls Podcast

“Don’t be put off by the show’s self description as a “feminist podcast.” Katie Ward does a delightful job interviewing smart, successful women about their lives and struggles. Her interview with Dr. Anna Fisher in particular is a compelling and interesting look into the life and career of a successful woman chemist and astronaut.”
The Varmints! Podcast

“The host is a great interviewer connecting really well with her guest. the guest (the first mother in space) is an awesome badass woman, listening to her is really inspiring and empowering. Podcasts by women talking about their experiences with sexism (in this case: as a woman in a male-dominated field) is what we all desperately need more of. More power to this podcast! We love it!”
She Who Persisted Podcast