Day 4

Day 4: Podcasts We Listen To | The Trail Went Cold

Podcasts We Listen To
Every listener wonders about their favorite podcast hosts. Join Jeremy every Wednesday as he sits down with another host of the… Podcasts We Listen To.

The Trail Went Cold
The Trail Went Cold is a true crime podcast where writer Robin Warder examines unsolved mysteries and offers his own theories as to what really happened.

Podcasts We Listen To: Generation Why


This week, Jeremy talks to Aaron and Justin of The Generation Why podcast. Generation Why is a podcast that looks into unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies, and true crime. We chat about cases, horror movies, booze, and any number of other fun things.
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“Aside from being a hugely successful Facebook group established in early 2016, Podcasts We Listen To is also a recently established interview show hosted by Jeremy Collins. Jeremy interviews the hosts of other podcasts with his casual and engaging style. In his most recently episode, he is joined by Aaron and Justin from Generation Why, one of the most popular true crime podcasts today. Hear those guys tell the story of how they met, how their show started, and much more.”
-The GravityBeard Podcast

“Jeremy Collins has a real talent for conducting interviews. He is great at engaging with his guest and asking questions that reveal the person behind the voice on your favorite podcast. This episode was a real treat as it featured the hosts of The Generation Why Podcast, one of the top podcasts in the true crime genre. Jeremy, Aaron and Justin combined make for a fascinating hour of listening.”
Pleasing Terrors Podcast 

“Seeing this episode load into my app was a fangirl moment. Two of my favorite podcasts in the same episode? It was like a mini version of Christmas morning.
If you haven’t listened to Podcasts We Listen To, host Jeremy Collins (who also created the Facebook community of the same name) interviews podcast hosts each week to give listeners a behind the mic experience. Jeremy’s discussions range from why did you get into podcasting, what is your favorite episode, or most difficult episode, and if you were stranded on a deserted island which person, book/move and bottle of booze would you bring with you.
That’s what I love about this show. There is definitely an agenda to the interview, yet the discussions go to interesting and unexpected places simply because the guests seem to love talking with Jeremy. This episode with Justin and Aaron from Generation Why was no different.
TwistedPhilly Podcast

The Trail Went Cold: Tommy Zeigler: Part 1


Tommy Zeigler is sentenced to death for four murders, including those of his wife and in-laws, which took place at his furniture store in Winter Garden, Florida on Christmas Eve 1975. However, the case against him was questionable and even though he remains on death row over 40 years, there are still many people advocating for his innocence and trying to get him exonerated. This case is so convoluted and controversial that our episode had to be divided up into two parts.
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“Although I’ve been podcasting for over a year, I have never listened to a true crime podcast. Tuning into Robin Warder’s “The Trail Went Cold” was my first trip down the true crime rabbit hole, and I must say it won’t be the last. It is incredible to imagine how much work Robin puts into each and every episode. He presents a case file from several different perspectives, all delivered in a calm, pleasant voice. This helps to heighten the tension when you stumble upon a piece of evidence that may seem eerie or out of place. I listened as Robin presented the case of Tommy Ziegler in Episode 15, and he brilliantly left the program on a great cliffhanger…great programming if you ask me. I would tune in again simply to hear the rest of the story, but I’m also interested to see how Robin changes as a host when the episodes are exposition-centered vs. speculative. The music choices are great and the flow is natural. Great show!”
See, Here’s The Thing Podcast

 “It’s fair to say that the True Crime podcast market has become a bit oversaturated. The Trail Went Cold still stands out. Robin’s approach is of both humility and interest; there’s no pretense. In this two part series, Robin subtly explores new narrative styles, with great success and an excellent cliffhanger.”
-Our Americana Podcast