Day 5

Day 5: More Gooder Than | Quid Quo Pro

More Gooder Than
More Gooder Than is a weekly podcast in which we rate and dissect pop culture, one argument at a time. Chris, Donnie, and Cory will each take a stance on a movie, actor, character, episode or whatever else we feel like defending and try to determine who’s side is the Most Goodest. After the hilarity concludes, hopefully we’ll have both entertained and educated you. At least, educated you on our opinions.

Quid Pro Quo
Your friendly neighbourhood forensic psychology podcast. Topics in true crime from a psychological point of view; presented with empathy, humor, and straightforward language. Working to better the world through the power of morbid curiosity.

More Gooder Than: Alan Rick-Roled


Welcome to our first full episode of 2017! Over the brief hiatus, we did some soul searching and decided that there were two things that More Gooder Than is never gonna do: give you up, or let you down. (We may, however, make you cry, and we almost certainly will tell you lies and hurt you, so… fair warning.) For those of you who stuck with us, we have a real treat lined up for you. In this episode, we take a look at everyone’s favorite British villain at his dastardly foppish best. That’s right– y’all just got Alan Rick-Roled!
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“The shocking and delightful thing about More Gooder Than is you don’t have to be a big movie fan, nor movie podcast fan, to enjoy the show. The hosts have a natural report that is both accessible and comforting. And the frequent hilarity is often more based in movie tropes and bad acting than in actual events from the movies they cover. Listening to MGT relaxes me in the way hanging out with close friends does. It’s one of few podcasts that immediately gets played upon its weekly release.”
The Karen & Ellen Letters Podcast

“The hosts of More Gooder Than make it accessible to jump in at any time. They are clearly close friends and their jokes and humour reflect this. They are also Alan Rickman fans and although I hadn’t heard the film they were discussing, they were so funny it didn’t matter. Listen for the banter! ”
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Quid Pro Quo: Fool Me Once


What do you do when your worldview asks you to look for the best in someone but what you are faced with is the very worst? The documentary “A Wise Fool” has one take on this question, but this Quid Pro Quo episode discusses why in this particular case a background in Forensic Psychology might lead you to a different conclusion.”
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“Hosted by Elle Stewart, Quid Pro Quo yearns to look at the forensic psychology of true crime and “Fool Me Once” is one of their most insightful episodes. It examines the story of a death row inmate named Michael Jackson, who was involved in two heinous murders and became the subject of a documentary titled “A Wise Fool”. However, this episode is very critical of the documentary and its sympathetic view towards Jackson and his conversion to Christianity. Elle rightly believes that Jackson’s alleged conversion does not undo or redeem the horrible things he did and delivers a very compelling look into the psyche of a person who would be do something like this while reminding us that the people who really deserve our sympathy are the victims of the crime.”
The Trail Went Cold Podcast

“Elle gives an in-depth view point on the themes recognised in True Crime stories. It’s heavy with detail and structure that reads like a formal study, rather than a journalistic overview.
Elle is clearly super intelligent, and is able to simplify the complex topics of the show into easy to understand terms. Her comfortable speaking voice makes for a listening treat for those interested in taking their True Crime podcasting to the next level.”
Who Spiked The Puns Podcast

“Elle brings a new spin to the true crime genre in her podcast Quid Pro Quo. Not only does she provide fascinating episodes related to true crime, but she also delves into the psychology of these stories. I found it refreshing as most TC podcasts tend to sound all the same. If you want to dive deep into criminal minds and explore cases in depth, this is a great pod for you!”
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