Day 7

Day 7: See, Here’s The Thing | Pleasing Terrors

See, Here’s The Thing
The podcast where pop culture and humor collide. Every week, my co-host/fiancé Patrick and I digest and discuss the top news clips from movies, TV, video games, music and more. This isn’t your typical news show, as improv plays a strong part in our frantic antics in each episode. Special guests, song covers, and bad celebrity impersonations pepper each show, with a strong dash of laughter and a big kick of fun.

Pleasing Terrors
Join acclaimed ghost storyteller Mike Brown for a bi-weekly tour through the shadows of history. The Pleasing Terrors podcast features stories about haunted places, creepy history, and forgotten folklore.

See, Here’s The Thing: Kingsman, Will Smith, and Dying Dumbledore

See Heres


Did you know Dumbledore was Jewish? Or that Bane was a close cousin to Sean Connery? According to our impressions in Episode 50 they were!
Kate and Patrick take a closer look into the Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s trailer, debate the pros and cons of a possible Will Smith casting as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin remake, and ruminate on a possible title for Avengers 4.
PLUS: The duo mulls over just what exactly Dumbledore was telling Harry at Hogwarts.
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“Witty, timely and beautifully produced, See, here’s the thing takes you on an energetic trip through pop culture. Kate and Patrick are fun and easy to listen to. Like hanging out with friend.”
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“If you are looking for a fun, witty, pop culture podcast? You’ve found the perfect one in See, Here’s the Thing! Hosted by Kate and Patrick, this podcast is hilarious! The different segments are awesome and very engaging. My favorite segment is “Word of the Day.” If you want a chuckle while listening to the latest news on pop culture, you should seriously listen to this one!”
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“A fantastic weekly roundup of all things pop culture! Really well produced and surprisingly informative. Kate and Patrick also let me know about topics I wouldn’t normally look up online. Definitely subscribed!”
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Pleasing Terrors: Red Riding Hood and The Wolf


Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The young child in her bright red cloak who gets lost in the forest, only to be preyed upon and devoured by the big bad wolf. Red Riding Hood is freed from her fate by a passing Huntsman, who slaughters the In the time when fairy tales served more to caution than to entertain, Little Red Riding Hood was a warning to always follow the marked path, listen to your elders, and never talk to strangers.
The sad, strange story of Elisa Lam mirrors the familiar fairy tale — except in this version, the lost little girl has no Huntsman to come to her rescue and perishes in the belly of the beast of Los Angeles. But who, exactly, is the beast? Is it the ill-fated hotel? A murderous stranger?
Elisa herself?
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“Mike Brown is an amazingly gifted storyteller. In this episode, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, he incorporates the famous tale into the sad story of Elisa Lam, who met her end in a water tank at the infamous Hotel Cecil. With an atmospheric soundtrack, he has brought to life Elisa’s story in a unique way, giving insight into her background and the events surrounding her death. He also provides a history of the Hotel Cecil’s notorious past, which puts into context the conspiracy theories that have emerged to this day regarding her demise. So, if you are into mystery stories that will transport you to another realm, this is for you.”
True Crime Island Podcast

“It’s always scary starting a new true crime / horror podcast. Will the next thirty minutes of audio send a chill up your spine or simply steal away precious second from you before the grave? Luckily for me, Mike Brown’s “Pleasing Terrors” fell into the former.

The first episode focused on the myth of Little Red Riding hood. Admittedly when I first heard that was the topic, I thought it was pretty well-worn and I wouldn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know. Oh how wrong I was! Along with teaching the history of the original tail, Mike masterfully interwove a modern day true crime case that perfectly fit with the warnings of the original fable.

Add to that great sound design, solid production value and Mike’s perfect-level- of-creepy tone you’ve got a horror podcast that I will be pleased to return to again and again.

…see what I did there?”
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