Day 8

Day 8: The KnowNothing Podcast | Mysterious Circumstances

The KnowNothing Podcast
The KnowNothing podcast is a show all about first impressions. Every episode, someone is introduced to something that they know nothing about. We then talk about our first impressions, what we loved, what we hated and why. We release new episode the 1st and 15h of every month and the subject matter is diverse. It is safe for work as well.

Mysterious Circumstances
This podcast is for investigating unexplained and unsolved events. I research and lay out the facts and theories for anything that might have happened under mysterious circumstances.

The KnowNothing Podcast: Indian Food & Bidets



In this episode, I eat East Indian food for the first time with a close friend, Laksh Gill. We talk about my experience as well as Laksh’s journey to North America from India, the similarities between Indian and Dominican cultures and Laksh’s love of bidets.
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“Eric Garner has a really special concept. Do you remember the very first time you tried something? Do you remember the reservations, the anxieties, the expectations of eating new food or traveling to a new place? Do you ever wish you could experience these feeilngs again? Tune into this podcast and you’ll receive just that. Each week, Eric tries something new with a special guest, and they discuss their experience and entertaining anecdotes. Episode 6 was particularly entertaining with a discussion of Indian food and bidets. Eric breaks into his stride when laughing with guests, which inevitably provokes laughter from the audience. A charming, easy-to-fall-into show with a great concept!”
See, Here’s The Thing Podcast

“I absolutely loved this episode. As someone who works with people from all sorts of different cultures and countries some of my favorite times are going out to eat with a colleague and hearing about what their life is like back home, what brought them to the US to study, what their culture is like, and what they find weird in our own culture. This felt just like one of those evenings spent with friends getting to know one another. Had me laughing along the whole time, and taught me some stuff about Indian culture as well.”
The Mad Scientist Podcast 

Mysterious Circumstances: The Death of Thelma Todd

On December 16th 1935, Hollywood star Thelma Todd was found dead in her car in a garage. Coroner and Grand Jury said it was accidental suicide. With Injuries looking like she was beat up, and knowing who she was involved with, make it hard not to ignore the facts that this was no suicide.
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“The Death of Actress Thelma Todd transports the listener back to the early days of Hollywood for a compelling murder mystery. Those show is a perfect mixture of history and true crime. Justin does a fantastic job of describing the amazing cast of characters and laying out the facts of the tragic death of Thelma Todd. He then goes through the theories of how she died and who may have killed her. You will be thinking about this episode long after it’s over.”
Pleasing Terrors Podcast

“It’s always scary starting a new true crime / horror podcast. Will the next thirty minutes of audio send a chill up your spine or simply steal away precious second from you before the grave? Luckily for me, Mike Brown’s “Pleasing Terrors” fell into the former.

“You know that one friend who always has a crazy story to tell that you’ve never heard of? The one who, over a drink or two, can give you a detailed summary of the life and death of some obscure historical figure? That friend is Justin Rimmel. In his show, “Mysterious Circumstances,” Justin takes a conversational, non-scripted approach to telling stories you’ve likely never heard, but will leave you thinking for some time after. Definitely worth a listen if you’re into the dark and mysterious.”
Omitted Podcast