Day 9

Day 9: Not Your Father’s Podcast | True Crime Fan Club

Not Your Father’s Podcast
On this podcast we have a roundtable format where we take general topics that are on the minds of our generation and discuss them from a humorous perspective. Our aim is to draw non-traditional podcast listeners as well intrigue people who are already podcast enthusiasts. We are open to all forms of criticism and interaction and are always down to interview people. We try our best to have fun and engage our audience, and are working on incorporating a mailbag format into our podcast. We are very active on our social medias, and frequently have giveaways on there.

True Crime Fan Club
A podcast for the ultimate true crime enthusiast. A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most demented minds. You will not want to miss an episode.

Not Your Father’s Podcast: Slang



On this episode we discuss how use of slang can distort people’s view of you, where certain slang words come from, and how slang can be unique to a region of the US. Also, Where’s Alex?
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“The hosts of this show are awesome. It is so easy to get sucked into their conversation and feel like I am just chatting with a group of friends. I even learned some new west-coast slang terms. Their chemistry and the broad topic discussions make this a fun and relate-able show for sure!”
Is This Adulting? Podcast

“Wow. What a great show! Being a woman from Northeast Philly and having travelled out of state before, “slang” is something I am very much familiar with and it has been pointed out to me that I unintentionally speak with a sort of an infliction and with words that aren’t known to some. So, this topic was very relatable to me. The hosts of this show have such an incredible flow with one another. It’s definitely one of those shows that if you close your eyes you feel like you’re sitting around with them and are a part of the conversation. I actually caught myself a few times responding to the conversation as if I was there while listening! I will definitely continue listening to this show.”
The Apex & The Abyss Podcast 

“The premise of Not Your Father’s Podcast is to take a topic (in this episode, the topic is “slang”), and try to find some truths about it – What is slang? What does it say about you if you use it? How does it change over time? (the episode includes a pretty funny review of past decade’s slang). In addition to some pretty cool, funny, and thoughtful discussion, it is obvious that the hosts have chemistry and history and this makes it very easy to listen to them – they seem like the kind of group that you want to jump into the discussion with them as much as listen to them.”
The Obvious Question Podcast

True Crime Fan Club: The Wylie Ax Murder

A small north Texas town, population of 3700 would be rocked by scandal and murder. The ending is something no one expected.
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“Chilling. That’s the first word that came to mind while listening to True Crime Fan Club detail a reminder that horror can happen anywhere. Domestic bliss this is not. Lanie does a great job of upping the tension; you KNOW something bad is going to happen -the episode is titled The Wylie Ax Murder after all- but the details of a commonplace affair mix wonderfully with the atmospheric score by We Talk of Dreams to build to a gruesome climax. Yet that’s not even the end [no spoilers!]. I was still left with a sense of unease at the conclusion that is part of what makes the best true crime stories so captivating.”
The Rules of Acquisition Podcast

“A riveting look at lust, jealousy, and the dangers that ‘innocent” little affair could bring your way. Suspenseful and perfectly paced; the episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and the host makes you reach for that subscribe button.”
Weird Shit Podcast

“If you have ever thought about straying from your significant other and having a bit on the side, then you really need to listen to this episode of the True Crime Fan Club. Lanie provides listeners with well researched and clearly narrated stories in the True Crime genre, complete with a well composed soundtrack. In this episode Lanie tells of an affair, that even though it started with well-established boundaries, would end in brutal tragedy. Not only does she go into the events leading up to the murder, but also goes through the court case that was dramatic in its self. Lanie is very respectful with the way she deals with the sensitive issues that arise in cases such as this one. Well worth the sub.”
True Crime Island Podcast