Day 10

Day 10: Historical Blindness | Omitted

Historical Blindness
A podcast that scrutinizes the blind spots in our past, telling the stories of mysteries both famous and obscure, hoaxes and disputed incidents, and any story that highlights the unreliability of history.

You’ve heard the story, but have you heard all of them? Omitted is a weekly history podcast, highlighting the lesser-known stories from history’s biggest events.

Historical Blindness: The Found Manuscript of Wilfrid Voynich



In this episode we look at a mysterious, unreadable medieval manuscript, tell what we know of its history and look at what makes it unusual.
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“I adore the inherent pun in the podcast’s name (hysterical/historical), and it certainly has relevance given how we as humans like to whitewash our history. The chosen subject, the Voynich Manuscript, is a fascinating one, and the host really did it a service and brought it to life. I only wish the music had only continued through his introduction. I have difficulty processing sensory input sometimes when I am fatigued, and the repetitive nature of the music behind his voice made it sometimes difficult for me to focus on the host’s engaging voice and interesting research.”
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“Exciting and interesting episode. Very well produced and engaging. I was thoroughly interested and wanting to keep hearing more and more!”
Misconduct Podcast

“I have been fascinated by the Voynich manuscript and found this episode really interesting. Episodes are well researched and extremely informative. I’m excited to listen to more of his episodes and to read his book.”
She, Who Persisted Podcast 

Omitted: The Ni’ihau Incedent

153 miles west of Pearl Harbor sits the tiny, red dirt island of Ni’ihau. On a normal Sunday morning, its residents were surprised to find themselves joined by a visitor–one who spoke very little English and was very much unwelcome. The island is kapu (forbidden) to outsiders, and the events that followed served only to substantiate that policy.
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“Like all the stories examined on Corey Constable’s Omitted, the Ni’ihau Incident has been all but forgotten. Overshadowed by the larger crisis of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the dramatic events that transpired on the “Forbidden Island” in December of 1941 are worthy of a Hollywood screenplay. Excellent research, captivating storytelling, and high production values make Omitted one of the best history podcasts produced today, and one of our favorite shows.”
The Most Wonderful Wonder Podcast

“In ‘The Ni-ihau Incident,’ Omitted host Corey Constable clears up some misconceptions about the December, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. For one, he dispels the canard that most Japanese pilots were on kamikaze missions; in actuality, they were instructed to return to an aircraft carrier, and if that wasn’t possible, to land on the island of Ni-ihau and await rescue. The episode tells the fascinating story of one pilot who did land on the island, and his interaction with its curious, worried inhabitants.”
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