Day 11

Day 11: The GravityBeard Show | S’Laughter

The GravityBeard Show
An accessible look at every day topics, by a curious host and a rotation of great guests; with interviews, stories, discussions, and a healthy dose of nonsense.

Lucy and Emma talk about tales of true crime from the UK each week. A comedy true crime podcast.

The GravityBeard Show: DB Cooper: Revealed



In this episode we look at a mysterious, unreadable medieval manuscript, tell what we know of its history and look at what makes it unusual.
More episodes of note: Hypotheticals | Ellen Lantzen (Ruby Sue)

“Chris Green has interviews some interesting (to say the least) people in his career, but this one blows them all out of the water. His guest Derek Godsey believes that he has found the true identity of the infamous DB Cooper! I’m not going to lie: by the end, I believed him. You will too!”
More Gooder Than Podcast

“This episode felt like walking into the conclusion of a noir crime investigation. It had a little bit of an S-Town, gothic novella, vibe to it. Haunting, unresolved and deeply interesting.
GB sets you up for the interview with Derek by asking you to take a position before hearing what he has to say. It gives a greater contextual connection to the subject matter and encourages you to ask your own questions”
Who Spiked The Puns? Podcast

“The host of Gravity Beard has such a affable way about him. He’s generous with his guests, but is mindful of his audience. It’s his open mind that allows guests to reveal themselves and their stories.”
The Enthusiasm Enthusiast Podcast

S’Laughter: Neil Entwistle and Peter Fell

This episode looks at a con man and a murder in public in the middle of the day, but have they got the right man?
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“S’Laughter is a fun, easy, informative listen. Lucy and Emma are witty, expressive, and their banter shows their true friendship. Their ‘handbook’ dictates that each subject be UK related in one way or another and their delivery is hilarious and explicit (just the way I like it). As an American, I love listening to the slang they use and the feeling of being in the same room laughing with them even though they are an ocean away.”
Curiosity Kills Podcast

“Lucy & Emma bring you a hilarious look at a dark topic: murders from the UK and Ireland. Every week, they each bring a different well-researched crime, and regale one another in the details. Their chemistry creates an incredibly entertaining conversation along the way.”
The Only Fancast