Day 12

Day 12: C&C Geekcast | The Conspirators

C&C Geekcast
I know there’s a lot of movie podcasts, but we’re the only podcast featuring two hosts with speech impediments. We’re two long time friends and lovers of film who enjoy talking about movies and reviewing movies without the pretentiousness and cynicism of many movie critics.

The Conspirators
The Conspirators is a dark history podcast in which each week I tell some strange but true stories from history. I’ve done shows on unsolved mysteries, serial killers, survival stories, strange disappearances and other bizarre events from the past.

C&C Geekcast: Power Rangers



Join us as we discuss the reboot of the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. The movie is simply titled Power Rangers. We discuss how we think the film compares to the original series. We discuss our thoughts on the new incarnations of all the classic characters. We also discuss our thoughts on the new universe and the new incarnation of Rita Repulsa. We even discuss where we think the movies go from here because there are many more planned.
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“Well… these two guys are probably some of the most enthusiastic podcasters I’ve ever heard! These two hosts are so much fun, you just want them to do well! In the episode I was listening to, they review 2017’s Power Rangers and make no apologies for how much they love it! I hope these guys go on and improve their sound and continue enjoying what they do! You’ve got a new subscriber here! Go check them out!”
-Super Nerds UK Podcast

“Two incredibly endearing hosts with a passion for their subjects review geeky movies of all sorts. Paul & Joseph have a clear love for what they’re discussing, that never slides into cynicism or unneeded nostalgia. Their insights are interesting, and their conversations are a joy to hear.”
-The Only Fancast

“Two very enthusiastic guys talk about films they’re passionate about. Their interest in the subject is infectious so if you like the topics discussed you will love this.”
-ThemePark Films Podcast

The Conspirators: The Witch Hunters

In this episode I talk about the history of witch hunting, from ancient Greece all the way up through the 20th century. I talk about the ways in which women were persecuted throughout history, as well as discussing the Salem Witch Trials, Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins and even a bizarre unsolved murder from the 1940s that may have been committed because people believe the victim was a witch.
More episodes of note: The Falling Star | The Lonely Hearts

“Nate Hale, the entirely fictional identity of the mysterious host of The Conspirators, has a knack for presenting history’s creepiest events in a compelling–and slightly unsettling–way. Stories of unsolved murders, bizarre disappearances, and unexplained happenings are woven together with eerie background music to great effect. In “The Witch Hunters”, Hale leads listeners through the dark history of witchcraft allegations and the vigilantes who brutally persecuted innocent women and men in the name of religion and control. If you enjoy peeking into history’s darkest corners, you owe it to yourself to listen to The Conspirators.”
-The Most Wonderful Wonder Podcast

“I can’t get enough of this podcast. Nate Hale will reach through your earbuds and take you on a wild journey through some of the craziest stories in history. His ability to tell a story is second to none. It is such a well produced and polished show that it will have your attention for the full 20 minutes that these episodes normally run. A new find and a new favorite for me!”
-The KnowNothing Podcast

“Wow, great episode and great podcast! Really engaging and informative. I never knew the side details to these hunts. Subscribed!”
-Misconduct Podcast