Day 13

Day 13: Film Roast | The Apex & The Abyss

Film Roast
Julia and I are the co-hosts of Film Roast. We credit ourselves as over caffeinated and under qualified to discuss movies, but we always talk about the good, bad, and the ugly of films. One week we could be discussing the most underrated Disney films and the next our favorite scenes from David Fincher films. We like to keep things light and fun for our listeners and make them feel like they’re a part of the discussion.

The Apex & The Abyss
The true stories behind what keeps you awake at night and afraid of the dark.

Film Roast: Who Okay’d This?



Hopefully your therapist is on speed dial, because this week Julia and Hannah are delving deep into their scarred psyches to talk about horrifying children’s movies. Lady spirit nipples? Shriveled, white aliens laying in a ditch? Gypsy hobo lust? A high school art project Hannah probably thought was cool? You tried to forget, but we’re here to remind you. Get ready to be traumatized – it’s another episode of Film Roast!
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“The bond between these two hosts, Hannah and Julia, is fascinating and propels this podcast to the top of my playlist. I love their banter, their jokes and their takes on the movies they review. They are well informed and very insightful but in a very light and breezy way that is so endearing. Love this show!”
KnowNothing Podcast

“Julia & Hannah bring back that nostalgic feeling you get when you think about the movies you loved as a child. The twist is that some scenes were probably NOT suitable for your young eyes! The episode will leave you laughing & relating to the trauma.”
True Crime Fan Club Podcast

“Two lively ladies chatting about films. The laughs and fun they’re having radiates through and will definitely put a smile on your face.”
Theme Park Films Podcast 

The Apex & The Abyss: The Mont Vernon Killings

Within the quiet town of Mont Vernon, NH is a gang called the Disciples of Destruction. On October 9th 2009, they changed the face of that community forever.
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“This is actually one of my regular listens so I found it funny I was asked to review one of the few episodes I HADN’T yet heard. I skipped this episode specifically because I was familiar with the crime and find on of the killers so detestable I can barely abide the sound of his voice; not ideal in a podcast.
Sober and empathetic – Erika does such an amazing job of focusing on the crime itself and the impact to the victims and community rather than providing a platform to showcase the ego of the killer, as so many true crime shows are wont to do. If you are seeking a solid, concise, True Crime Case-file-centric show look no further.”
Quid Pro Quo Podcast

“Very interesting podcast on the topic of the The Mont Vernon Killings, which is a true story of what was described as a thrill killing in 2009. If you are not aware of this case, then we won’t spoil it for you, however the case itself attracted National and International attention due to the brutality of the killings. This episode does come with a full warning at the start for graphic content. This is not for the feint hearted. This has been put together very well and offers a detailed insight into a case that captured the nation. The use of audio from the court case adds to the episode but also adds to the disturbing nature of the podcast. A well executed podcast.”
The Aussie & The Pom Podcast

“A sobering look at the darkness that people are capable of. This case is straight out of a nightmare and will stick with you for days. Excellent storytelling and clips from the trial draw you into the case and give you a front row seat to all the horror.”
Weird Shit Podcast