Day 14

Day 14: Twisted Philly | Already Gone

Twisted Philly
You don’t have to be from Philly, or Pennsylvania to enjoy the tales TwistedPhilly has to offer. True crime, history and hauntings, local legends plus some of the coolest or creepiest places to visit in the city of Brotherly Love.

Already Gone
Sharing stories of the missing, the murdered, the mysterious and the lost. Emphasis on Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

Twisted Philly: Anarchy in the P.A. Part 1



Two part episode about suburban Philly native Nancy Spungen who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.
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“Deana is a natural storyteller. I had heard the story of Sid and Nancy before, but never quite like this. She was so engaging in the way she told it and so passionate in her delivery, that I immediately had to go and listen to part two. She points out things of great value, like the lack of access to reliable mental health treatment at the time, and delivers the facts in a way that make you feel the case like you never have before!”
Is This Adulting? Podcast

“Twisted Philly delves into the underbelly of the city of Brotherly Love, with the host doing an excellent job of relating the true-life characters to her own personal experience, making the show relatable, human, funny, interesting, and (at times) emotional. In Anarchy in the P.A., Part 1, the episode follows the first part of the tragic life of punk rock icon, Nancy Spungen (of Sid and Nancy fame). Having seen the famous films, I had a preconceived notion of who Nancy Spungen was and what she was about, and the podcast did an outstanding job of turning that on its ear for me. By using sound clips, excerpts from books, and sharing her own emotional connection with the music, culture, and personalities of the time (including Nancy’s), the host led me through Nancy’s rough life as one that deserves my empathy and compassion; and not one to just be gawked at.”
The Obvious Question Podcast

“Deana Marie is a natural storyteller. Well-researched, honest, and engaging — tune in for tales about mischief and life. Who knew Philly was this interesting?”
Confluence of Events Podcast 

Already Gone: The Good Hart Murders

A family of six is slaughtered in their idyllic lake front cabin. The bodies await discovery for weeks. The case remains open.
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“I love how the host does not assume a fourth wall between herself and listeners, as if she were a true crime reporter on television. She made me as the listener feel as if she were talking with us, not talking to us. In this way she felt quite personable and approachable, as if I could sit down with her over coffee and ask her questions and tell her what I know, and she would be receptive. She also admitted what she didn’t know, which what parts she might need future assistance, and with what parts of the case (in this one, the gruesome overkill and staging) she felt uncomfortable. In the best way possible, it was about her as well as the true crime case she presented.”
There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast

“Nina brings us the story of the Robison Family murder, a family that seemed to resemble the American Dream. She covers this brutal crime with compassion and remains respectful of the victims. Her calm and soothing voice makes this episode all the more eerie.”
True Crime Fan Club Podcast

“This is true crime, but it’s not just another true crime podcast. Already Gone covers interesting cases you haven’t heard of before, and the host does in-depth research to provide a detailed look at each topic. But more than that, this is good storytelling, less dry crime reportage and more creative non-fiction, a la Truman Capote and In Cold Blood. And to top it off, the host’s voice has a way of establishing an intimacy with the audience and simply bleeds compassion, such that the listener really feels the tragedy of these stories, rather than being divorced from their human implications.”
Historical Blindness Podcast