Day 15

Day 15: The Mad Scientist Podcast | Between Us Girls

The Mad Scientist Podcast
A podcast about the history and philosophy of science, specifically pseudoscience such as paranormal topics. We do a comedic and educational take on scientific and pseudoscientific topics.

Between Us Girls
Between US Girls is a raw and unfiltered real life glimpse into conversations shared between women. It’s a balanced mix of fun and serious topics from politics, spirituality, and feminism to how to find out whether a guy is boyfriend material. It’s funny empowering stuff!

The Mad Scientist Podcast: Flat Earth Theory



We discuss the flat earth theory, how we can disprove it, and how the idea developed over time.
More episodes of note: Climate Change | Oak Island, Clean Coal, and Bobcats

“In a day and age when scientific expertise has been increasingly devalued, The Mad Scientist Podcast could help build a bridge between science-phobes and this maligned subject matter. No matter how much you do or don’t know about science, hosts Chris and Marie will intrigue you with thoroughly researched and entertainingly presented episodes that incorporate philosophy and history to address wacky left-field issues like the resurgence of flat-earth claims.”
The Binge Movie Podcast

“With the energy and smarts of Bill Nye and Plato combined, Chris Cogswell debunks myths and explains scientific phenomenon without leaving room for a shred of doubt. He has an eye for detail and uses studies, proofs theories and diagrams to help you better understand the world around you. If you like high-energy discussions about physics and philosophy, you’ll love the superbly-produced episodes Mad Scientist provides.”
A Cross-Examined Life Podcast

“Just listened to The Mad Scientist podcast and despite this being just a 1 host production, it seemed very natural and felt like the presenter was talking to us! This show is another well researched and well presented show as it delivered both facts and opinion in equal amounts without overwhelming the listener too much! I will definitely be going back and listening to all their episodes!”
SuperNerds UK Podcast 

Between Us Girls: The Perfect Wife with actor Greg Malonson

We discuss the actors movie The Perfect Wife and get up close and personal with the star on how to deal with a woman that’s far from perfect!
More episodes of note: Upgrade Yourself | Where’s The Vino

“Between Us Girls combines some of my favorite things – 1. Unfiltered girl talk among good friends 2. Wine. I love the dynamic between the hosts. The love each other, yet they’re not afraid to give one another the business. I love unfiltered conversations, and Between Us Girls is so fun. Plus, they give a brief review of the wine they drink while they record the show!”
The Enthusiasm Enthusiast Podcast

“The four dynamite cohosts of this wine-and-chat podcast are total #squadgoals. Tune in every episode to hear quick-witted friends Danielle, Jenn, Sharonda, and Michel crack open a bottle of wine—which they always review—before diving into always-entertaining, no-holds-barred girl talk and raucous interviews with special guests. Check out their chat with actor/model Greg Malonson for a taste of the fun.”
The Binge Movie Podcast

“The hosts have a really great rapport and address tough topics with an easy style. It’s like chatting with your best friends. They also do a review the wines that they drink with each episode and what’s not to like about that.”
She Who Persisted Podcast