Day 16

Day 16: Super Nerds UK | Curiosity Kills

Super Nerds UK
Welcome to the Supernerds UK Podcast, an irreverent look at pop culture! Join Ben, Ian, Tim and Simon for celebrity interviews, in depth features, quiz shows and a large dose of nerdy humour.

Curiosity Kills
Lindsay and Haley take you along as they discuss, in their signature dry and sarcastic humor, various true crime topics. Research will be done, topics will be covered and insensitive jokes will be made. Not for the weak at heart or humorless, Curiosity Kills is an entertaining and quick jaunt down the rabbit hole of true crime.

Super Nerds UK: Dexter Fletcher Interview



For our 50th episode we interview actor, director and all round British legend, Dexter Fletcher. We discuss his life, career and what’s coming next. This episode’s Netpix is Dexter’s latest directorial release, Eddie the Eagle starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman. We go “In Defence Of”: Kick Ass 2 and our Magic Mic quiz is an anniversary special. We’re also giving away a Fast and Furious 8 prize, so check the episode for details.
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“There’s a lot of nerd podcasts out there, and maybe it’s unfair, but I really appreciate one with a British accent. These guys know they’re stuff; you can really feel the affinity they have for each other, and for their guest. Dexter Fletcher is tremendous. You may not know him off the top of your head, but you’ve definitely seen him and his work before. This interview will give you a greater appreciation. Regardless of whether you reside in the US or the UK, pop culture enthusiasts will have plenty in common with Super Nerds.”
The Rules of Acquisition Podcast

“A few clearly good friends having a great time talking about pop culture and media. Really enjoyed this episode, and how comfortable the whole thing felt. Makes you feel like your in the room just having a talk with people you’ve known for ages. Highly recommended!”
The Mad Scientist Podcast

Curiosity Kills: Israel Keyes, Part 1

Listen as Lindsay and Haley discuss one of America’s most organized serial killers, Israel Keyes. Part I covers Israel’s childhood, time in the military, and people he abducted and murdered. Part II covers the murder of Samantha Koenig, and the consequential downfall of Israel Keyes.
More episodes of note: Gary Ridgway | Jeffrey Dahmer, Part 1

“Lindsay and Haley immediately sucked me in. I found myself laughing out loud at my desk and looking at a case that I knew about already in a completely different way. I appreciate the NSFW, humorous take on the True Crime genre and feel like I have found another show to stand alongside my addiction to Last Podcast on the Left. If you like that, you’ll love this! Go listen right now… go on… I’ll wait.”
Is This Adulting? Podcast

“I have to say I’m a bit biased on this one. Curiosity Kills is not a new podcast to me. Being a true crime podcasters myself I have been listening to Lindsay and Haley for some time now. You can tell when hosts have chemistry and they definitely do. I went back and listened to #25 Israel Keyes part 1 and I had actually done this one on my podcast so I was very familiar with the case. What I like about these hosts is that they find that good balance between telling you the facts of the case while also keeping it light and fun. That is not an easy thing to do at all and they pull it off!”
True Crime All The Time Podcast

“Curiosity Kills perfectly combines humor and dark topics. Lindsay and Hailey do an excellent job at teaching and introducing their listeners to all things curious such as serial killers, conspiracy theories, etc. It really feels like you are hanging out with your friends!”
The Witching Hour Podcast