Day 17

Day 17: Based On A True Story | Blaze Entertainment

Based On A True Story
Based on a True Story is a weekly podcast that compares history with your favorite movies.

Blaze Entertainment
Join these two powerful personalities, Kwame and Miss Free on Blaze Entertainment as they cover some of pop culture’s most popular TV shows. Also giving their two cents on hot topics and most trending in a blunt and hilarious style. As two friends working hard every day to make a living for themselves they utilize Blaze Entertainment as a place of venting and releasing their feelings about everyday life. You don’t want to miss one episode!

Based On A True Story: Titanic



As with each episode, we follow the movie’s timeline and compare history with the events in the movie to determine which of the key plot points in the film actually happened, what was changed and what was simply made up.
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“Based On A True Story picks up where Hollywood left off, examining the actual history behind movies that claim to be “based on a true story”. It’s a fascinating premise for a podcast, and host Dan LeFebvre does not disappoint, masterfully guiding listeners, scene by scene, through some of the silver screen’s best-known films to see how they match up with the historical record. In the Titanic episode, we learn what director James Cameron got right, and which historical details were subject to artistic license. This well-researched show will enthrall movie lovers and history buffs alike.”
The Most Wonderful Wonder Podcast

“The concept of this podcast is inspired: researching and presenting the true history of stories that Hollywood has adapted for the screen. And it’s well-researched, down to the minutiae, introducing listeners to the true stories that many probably thought they already knew well because of the films that used them as a premise. The show has strong production quality, nice mood-building ambient background music and a host with confident, enthusiastic delivery.”
Historical Blindness Podcast

“Dan LeFebvre takes your favorite hollywood movies and gives you the real story. I appreciate the in-depth research and the ability to dip in and out of his library of work. This show has consistently earned a spot in my podcast rotation.”
Already Gone Podcast

Blaze Entertainment: Mind Your Business

Big news for Blaze Entertainment, Pop Culture Craziness, Church Hypocrisy & Social Double Standards.
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“The best podcasts feature hosts that you could listen to talking about literally anything and still enjoy it. Blaze Entertainment hosts Kwame and Miss Free are those kinds of podcasters. Whether discussing politics, entertainment, or even religion, Kwame and Miss Free’s explosively hilarious and bracingly honest mile-a-minute banter and delightful rapport make their podcast an absolute essential.”
The Binge Movie Podcast

“Each episode of Blaze Entertainment starts off with a count down, which blasts you into the world of Kwame and Miss Free: two friends who will soon disarm you with their engaging personalities. Their commentary on everything from Mariah Carey to the world post-Brexit is spattered with observations that will have you yelling ‘YAAASSSS’ in agreement. Expect salty language and woke perspectives in your ultimate guide to the culture of today.”
S’Laughter Podcast