Day 18

Day 18: Confluence of Events | True Crime All The Time

Confluence of Events
The story behind America’s most infamous tragedies & marvels. Each week the gang gets together to drink beers and explore a new exciting topic.

True Crime All The Time
A true crime podcast for the diehard true crime fan

Confluence of Events: The Pig Farm Murder



Our experts recount the story behind Robert Pickton — aka the Pig Farm Murderer — from cradle to jail cell. Along the way, they discuss cannibalism, Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society, and pit bulls with AIDS.
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“For an accessible discussion of infamous tragedies and marvels across history, check out A Confluence of Events. The show’s four hosts walk you through each and every detail that will enable you to understand that episode’s strange event, marvel or crime. If you have a short attention span or dislike occasional rabbit trails, this show may not be for you. But if you like joining a room full of guys who are passionate about history and unusual happenings across history, you’re bound to love A Confluence of Events.”
A Cross-Examined Life Podcast

“This is a great comedy podcast that focuses on history – and this particular episode is on Robert Pikton, the serial killer pig farmer from Canada. The four co-hosts go through the story, providing great detail with some hilarious banter in between!”
Canadian True Crime Podcast

“This podcast is bursting with potential! The hosts have the ability to tell a true-crime story in a tactful and informative way, yet keeping their ability to banter with each other. Aside from the story, highlights included the great editing and sound effects, consistent pace, and the beer which they chose based on episode title and theme. I’m hooked!”
Tight Ends Podcast

“A Confluence of Events is like a cross between Hardcore History and Drunk History (all three words describing the hosts fairly accurately). The Pig Farm Murder is an outrageous story and the episode surrounding it is shocking. The show manages to somehow maintain it’s informative narrative while also being uproariously funny. Nick, Dan, Carlo, and Alex all have their own quirks and compliment each other incredibly well!”
Boob Tube Buddies Podcast

True Crime All The Time: Wichita Massacre

2 brothers terrorize the city of Wichita, KS over a 7 days period. They commit multiple robberies, rapes, assaults, and murders. Things are made even that much more scary because all of their victims are picked at random.
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“Like most people in the podcast community, I am obsessed with True Crime. No podcast scratches that itch quite like True Crime All The Time. Mike and Gibby are so real and very well informed on their subjects. It is clear that they research their material thoroughly and piece together explosive episodes about some of the most heinous events that you could imagine. The Wichita Massacre is particularly gruesome and the episode is really insightful into how it impacted the community.”
Boob Tube Buddies Podcast

“Carefully paced and well-researched stories of true crime. The relatable, down-to-earth hosts draw you in and help you process tales of terror and carnage. Warning: graphic!”
Confluence of Events Podcast

“Most true crime shows scare the heck out of me. True Crime All The Time tackles some horrifying crimes, and goes incredibly in depth with the details. However, they do so with a sensitivity and care for their audience and a respect for the victims. The gentle nature of Mike and Gibby and their easy hosting style are a delight.”
The Enthusiasm Enthusiast Podcast