Day 19

Day 19: The Only Podcast About Movies | The Obvious Question

The Only Podcast About Movies
While our title is unverified, we’re definitely the only podcast about movies that feature hosts Matthew Krol and Shahir Daud arguing from both sides of the cinematic spectrum. Both industry professionals, Matt is a television producer who loves ‘splosions and anything superhero related, while Shahir is a film school graduate turned commercial director who is also a self-confessed arthouse snob.
The reviews span mainstream to obscure with a cavalcade of terrific guests including Jon Gabrus (High & Mighty, Comedy Bang Bang), Andrew Schulz (The Brilliant Idiots), James Portnow (Extra Creditz) and Jerah Milligan (Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood).

The Obvious Question
Each week, we ask a question that may seem obvious, but is much deeper under the hood, and we see what we can figure out.

The Only Podcast About Movies: The Test of Time



Our 100th episode show spectacular where we take a look back at all the films we’ve reviewed in the last two years and try to figure out which will stand the “Test of Time” and be still relevant in the next 10 or 20 years.
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“This is a great podcast that is smart without being too pretentious and fun without being too lowbrow. The hosts have excellent chemistry and if you’re looking for a good movie podcast to listen to you could do a lot worse than this one whether you are a film buff or only go to the occasional blockbuster.”
The Varmints! Podcast

The Obvious Question: What Does It Mean To Be You?

We ask, “What does it mean to be yourself…to be real…to be authentic.” Ever since we’re little, we’re told that a foolproof strategy for feeling good about ourselves in just about any situation is to “just be yourself”, but what does that mean?
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“This is a unique and fascinating podcast in which one of the show’s 3 hosts finds a question for the other two hosts, then the three see how deeply they can dive into that question and its potential answers inside the show’s average run time of 30 minutes. Most of the questions are not easily answered, but require a good amount of reflection: When Should I Butt In? Do you support me? Can we agree to disagree? Why do people steal? Why do we ruin a good thing? If these questions animate your curiosity, you’ll be in good company with Joe, Bob and Mike. I’m especially impressed with the way in which their asking of questions and untangling the answers leads to a natural, but profound conversation that doesn’t just answer the question, but invites the listener along for their own journey to a deeper understanding of themselves.”
A Cross-Examined Life Podcast

“It’s rare to find good quality, thought provoking, podcasts that make you evaluate yourself while you listen. The comfortable connection between the hosts allows you to feel part of the conversation and engages you with their story.
I have a 6 year old son who is starting to find out what it means to be himself. This episode was helpful in understanding how I can help him to recognise that for himself. I now start our day by encouraging him to “be the best he can be”. I’m looking forward to more introspection in future episodes.”
Who Spiked The Puns Podcast