Day 20

Day 20: Cross Examined Life | The Only Fancast

Cross Examined Life
Elevating the art of disagreement through cross exams of controversial topics.

The Only Fancast
Every Thursday, husband-and-wife duo Kat & Kyle Morck give the fancast treatment to a different television show. A television show that they’ve never seen before, and know nothing about. Shondaland? Campy sci-fi? K-drama? Wings? As long as we haven’t seen it before, we’ll fancast the hell out of it. It’s like when you turn on a mid-season episode of a show you know nothing about and just revel in your own bafflement.

Cross Examined Life: Is Terrorism The Wrong Word?

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Teresa defends: The likelihood of misusing the words terrorist/terrorism is so great that these words should not be used.
PRACTICAL TAKEAWAY TIPS: 1. When you’re at a loss for words, try to return to the arguments laid out by your opponent and choose the next one to address. 2. Don’t let someone avoid giving their real opinion by crediting someone else with a statement. 3. Always mentally review whether your response answered the question asked. 4. When you’re talking to someone who wants to eliminate the usage of certain words or options, ask them what they’d like to see instead. 5. Roll with the questions, even when they come in unexpected moments.
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“Cross Examined Life is unlike any podcast I’ve ever heard. Instead of relying on the controversy of the content of his guests, Chris Tatem focuses on the communicative aspects of debating sensitive subjects. His subtle voice changes allow the reader to get insight into his own personal thoughts, bringing narration to conversation, and the depth of his questions is the mark of a great communicator. Complete with takeaway tips to carry you on through your next big argument, this show is everything my socially anxious self didn’t know I needed.”
-The Omitted Podcast

“An interesting foray into rhetoric and debate. I really enjoyed the host here, and felt that he was very patient and understanding of the opposing viewpoint given. This is sort of a modern day take on the Socratic Dialogues, arguing over a particular topic and not focusing on the truth or validity of the argument itself but rather on the rationality and design of the arguments given. Perfect for philosophy and logic nerds like myself!”
Mad Scientist Podcast

“A spectacular podcast that debates really thought provoking and difficult topics. Not only does the host Chris Tatem examine the arguments being made but also how they are presented. It is an honest and refreshing look at logic and will have you looking at a problem from so many angles that your own opinions will change throughout the podcast.”
The KnowNothing Podcast

The Only Fancast: 2 Earth-2 Furious – The Only The Flash Fancast


We watch the second season finale of CW’s The Flash, without having seen any prior episodes, or knowing much at all about The Flash.
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“In a sea of podcasts that specialize in in-depth analysis of popular shows for the superfans of them, The Only Fancast stands out as a foil to them all. Since the hosts of The Only Fancast review shows that they haven’t seen before, they bring a perspective that is dispassionate in the extreme – they’re not beholden to respecting beloved characters or forgiving a stupid story arc simply out of reverence to the show. That said, they also seem to give the show a chance – it isn’t just about crucifying a show for the sake of it, and any criticism is done in good humor and lightness (if you are a fan, they’re not going to piss you off). For instance, in 2 Earth-2 Furious, it is apparent that they REALLY WATCHED the show (The Flash) and tried to see what the hub-bub was about – whether or not they liked it, is a different story.”
The Obvious Question Podcast

“The Only Fancast discusses TV shows ranging from Sex and the City to The Blacklist. Not only do their episode topics have a vast range, their episode titles are also hilarious and clever. In the 2 Earth-2 Furious episode, the hosts discuss the season finale of the second season of The Flash. The hosts break down the episode by discussing the characters and what happens during the episode. The hosts do such a great job of discussing the episode that you don’t need to have watched the episode to understand what’s going on. The Only Fancast is a great podcast for TV lovers. It’s also great for people who don’t have time to watch television, but like to stay up-to-date and current on popular TV shows.”
Curiosity Kills Podcast

“This show is perfect for me! I’m always curious to check out shows that have been going on for a while, but wondered what it was like to dip into a story without any knowledge of the ongoing narrative. These hosts let me dodge a bullet by checking out The Flash, a show I’ve kinda wanted to see, but never really wanted to put the work into. Great hosts, great rapport, and a real time saver!”
The Only Podcast About Movies