Day 22

Day 22: Tight Ends | That’s A Shame

Tight Ends
A sports podcast for the rest of us. Sports chat for the VERY casual sports fan. If you have sports in your life but don’t know a lot about it, we are the podcast for you. We don’t know much about football but we know a tight end when we see one!

That’s A Shame
Isaac and Declan sit around talking about whatever comes to mind. Literally whatever. Have yourself a listen to this unscripted, comedy podcast covering everything from Facebook Live to school-day romances, Twitter racists to a man who attacked himself in a hotel room and then wouldn’t leave.

Tight Ends: It’s A Little Drafty In Here


CFL combine participant and CFL hopeful Matt Singleton joins the Tight Ends to tell us which is more exciting; a touchdown or a sack! Vanda and Ali pick their fave #herpod (podcasts by women), and it’s drafty in here because the NFL draft is right around the corner. Brr it’s cold in here, there must be some Tight Ends in the atmosphere.
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“I’m a sucker for clever descriptions, episode titles and summaries. This show hits all 3 of those easily. I’m a sports fan but I’m not as hardcore as some (don’t ask me stats… I don’t know them). So it was humorous to hear the banter and interviewing between these two women who are passionately curious about the sport/athletes and the jokes that come about their curiosities. What I appreciate about this show the most, and this episode specifically, is that they are extremely supportive of other shows – especially female hosted ones. It’s not something you often find in shows and I’m glad to see community is more important than competition.”
The Apex & The Abyss Podcast

“These girls are great! I am not a huge sports fan but definitely subscribing to their podcast! Funny, informative and just fun :)”
Misconduct Podcast 

“The hosts are having so much fun you can’t help but get in on the act. Tune in for puns, Canadian accents, and some football talk. And even actual football players!”
Confluence of Events Podcast

That’s A Shame: That Park of Thorpe


In which Declan scars a child with strawberry laces, Isaac makes an indecent proposal, and both notice something unfortunate about absolutely all of the guests.
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“Isaac and Declan are a lot of fun to listen to. The loose format of the show allows the pair the freedom to riff on wherever the conversation may lead them. This makes the podcast completely unpredictable. They both have a great sense of humor, and they often make the listener laugh right along with them. The story Declan shared about the strawberry laces really cracked me up.”
The Conspirators Podcast

“Issac & Declan’s random musings, stories and observations make you feel as if you are sitting with your mates and having a great time. Without giving too much away, you will really enjoy the strawberry laces story!”
True Crime Fan Club Podcast