Day 23

Day 23: On The Rocks | Rules Of Acquisition

On The Rocks
On The Rocks is a pop-culture podcast where we pair and review a main topic (Games, Movies, Books, Gadgets, TV Shows, etc.) with an alcoholic drink. We also review 2-3 smaller indie games in a section we call Indie Corner; and then finish up the episode with a popular gaming Trope or Question (where we also mention examples/answers from our listeners on our Facebook page).

Rules Of Acquisition
Every Monday where we go through every single episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Rather than just another Star Trek podcast focusing on Trekkie minutia, we view DS9 as “an unsung prequel to the current ‘Golden Age’ of television” and try to critique the show through that lens.

On The Rocks: Horizon Zero Down


In this episode, we review on the most anticipated game of this console generation: Horizon Zero Dawn. We also review two small games called Balls of Duty and Peas vs. Corn and then end the show by talking about our favorite open world game moments.
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“Love gaming? Then grab yourself a cold beverage and give On The Rocks a listen. Host Kyle explores the world of gaming, movies, and books sharing trending news or new releases. He always has a drink to pair with his episodes and its fun to listen to him, Nathan, and Dave talk about pop culture. If you are up for learning what’s new in the world of gaming, this is a good place to start!”
Film Roast Podcast

“So On the Rocks is a podcast where Kyle, Nathan, and Dave reviews video games ( and I believe other stuff) while getting their drink on. I’m a gamer myself but had never heard of the game being reviewed. I listened to episode #209 – “Horizon Zero Dawn”. First off, the sound quality on this podcast is excellent. The hosts have good chemistry and you can tell that they really prepare for the episodes. If you’re a gamer you will like this podcast.”
True Crime All The Time Podcast 

Rules Of Acquisition: What We Talk About When We Talk about DS9


This is a short half hour episode where we answer some listener questions, and talk about just what the show is about for us.
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“These guys know their Star Trek: Deep Space 9. This episode recaps why they started the podcast and why the show means a lot to so many people. The Rules of Acquisition have a call-in phone number so you can leave a message to ask a question, share an opinion, or outright disagree! They aren’t scared of conflicting viewpoints. Watch the show, listen to this podcast, and join the fun!”
Tight Ends Podcast