Day 24

Day 24: Canadian True Crime | The Witching Hour: Stories of the Macabre and Unusual

Canadian True Crime
A true crime podcast that covers some of the most heinous and shocking murders in Canadian history – hosted by Kristi Lee, an Aussie/Canadian true crime fanatic.

The Witching Hour: Stories of the Macabre and Unusual
Three life long friends get together and talk/learn about different topics that fall into the Macabre and Unusual category (i.e. true crime, paranormal, aliens, conspiracy theories, etc.) while doing a play along drinking game. We are a NSFW comedy/horror podcast.

Canadian True Crime: The Murder of Reena Virk


A 14 year old from British Columbia was lead under a bridge by a group of what she thought were friends. What happened next was unthinkable, and provoked much conversation in Canada about youth offenders, bullying, and racism.
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“With a deluge of true crime podcasts out there, you have to do something special to stand out from the crowd. What Kristi is doing with Canadian True Crime is helping her do just that. I listened to episode 6 about the murder of Reena Virk and it was extremely well-researched and put together. Juvenile crimes can be a tough subject to cover, but Kristi did a great job balancing reporting the facts of what happened to Reena while touching on the human side of this very tragic story.”
Based On A True Story Podcast

“Wow this episode was very captivating. I don’t have the stomach for True Crime because they make me so sad at the injustice and violence in the world. But I love how she tells the story and got many perspectives from the different sides. She really did a lot of research that encompassed all sides of the story. In terms of true crime it’s well done. Only thing I would hope for is to get sound sound bites from people involved. I think that’s what made Serial so captivating.”
Not Your Father’s Podcast 

“The host, Kristi discusses true crime cases that occur in her country of Canada. In this episode, she covers the tragic case of a murdered teen with empathy and compassion. From the perspective of a Canadian, she is able to paint of accurate picture for the narrative and give details that haven’t been reported widely which shows her dedication to research.”
In Sight Podcast

The Witching Hour: Stories of the Macabre & Unusual: Witches, Cryptids, Aliens, Oh My
witching hour


This episode is all about the San Luis Valley which is located in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. There are stories from the Valley involving cattle mutilations, witches, ufos, among other paranormal happenings.
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“The trio turns each story of the supernatural into a fun drinking game. They never take themselves too seriously. And even when the stories they tell get dark and creepy, they somehow find a way to laugh their way through it, making the audience laugh right along with them. Along with all the stories they tell, they manage to weave in their own personal histories and close family encounters with the unknown. This helps personalize each tale they tell.”
The Conspirators Podcast

“I really like this podcast! I like how they incorporate pop culture into their topics. Plus, I appreciate the down to earth vibe I get from the show. A lot of times when we get into these supernatural topics people tend to get so serious and uppity that it turns people off. They don’t do that which is dope.”
Blaze Entertainment Podcast