Day 25

Day 25: Misconduct | True Crime Island

Misconduct. is a true crime podcast hosted by Colleen and Eileen (who also happen to be related).

True Crime Island
Grab a beer and pull up a deck chair for true crime stories from around the world.

Misconduct: The Murder of Angie Zapatta


Angie Zapatta was a woman brutally murdered because she was trans. Trans people face so many issues and obsticals in the US that we wanted to tell her story and think people need to hear it too.
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“This episode was phenomenal for a slew of reasons. First, it’s important to touch on cases of this subject matter and bring awareness to the attacks on the trans community due to the fact it is so under reported – as the hosts state. Also, I was completely unaware of this case, which being a true crime podcast listener is a difficult feat, and the hosts covered it so tastefully. Which can sometimes be difficult to do especially when the case itself can be so triggering and upsetting. It was extremely well researched and they did justice to Angie and her case.”
The Apex & The Abyss Podcast

“As I listened to this episode I couldn’t help but cry. It’s about the brutal murder of a transgender teen in Colorado. It was such a heartless, hateful crime against a young woman who had everything to live for. She was loved by family & friends alike who was then brutally murdered by a man that she mistakenly trusted. I was so impressed by the excellent reporting done by the hosts of the show that I immediately became a fan after that. I would highly recommend Misconduct to anyone who is a fan of true crime!”
Life After The Fire Podcast

“A bold entry into the True Crime canon, misconduct represents a fantastic coming-together of several key ingredients which combine to leave the listener keen for more. With well-researched, relaxingly-delivered content exploring a veritable Menagerie of Crimes, hosts Colleen and Eileen guide us through the often dark, always compelling underworld of life. Meticulously guiding the listener through every single detail of each and every heinous act.
What more can we say? A quality listen.”
That’s A Shame Podcast

True Crime Island: Juanita Nielsen


It’s the 4th July 1974. Kings Cross Sydney. Heiress Juanita Nielsen attends a meeting to discuss advertising for the Carousel Club in her newspaper called ‘NOW’. She is never seen again and her body is never found. Was it her opposition to development in the area or something else she was about to expose.
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“True Crime Island is a well researched and well delivered podcast! I genuinely find it hard to listen to podcasts with one host, but Cambo holds your attention and is entertaining! I feel this podcast would be improved by telling the story from notes rather than a written script, but that would be nit picking! Congratulations Cambo on an awesome podcast and I’ll catch up on all your other episodes.”
SuperNerds UK Podcast

“In the episode on the case of Juanita Nielsen, the host tells a fascinating story of a mysterious disappearance I’ve never heard about before. The host tells the story in an engaging narrative fashion. I’m happy to hear that this show details cases from other parts of the world I may not hear as much about. He offers up all the major theories surrounding the case, leaving enough mystery open for the listener to want to learn more.”
The Conspirators Podcast

“True Crime Island with Cambo is simply amazing! Cambo, the Australian host, does an excellent job at telling the story in such a way that you feel as though you are in the setting and you know these individuals. As a podcaster, I completely understand the work that goes into researching and Cambo truly impressed me with his research skills. True Crime Island is not just “another true crime podcast!”
The Witching Hour Podcast