Day 26

Day 26: Podcast Meander | The Pod Couple

Podcast Meander
Podcast Meander is the semi-fictional travelogue of Dan Leone – a traumatized musician who abruptly quit his job and started driving west, fleeing from something. In the spirit of travel, the show features an ever-evolving format; from musical journalism, to political docu-fiction, to debauched autobiography, to outright lies.

The Pod Couple
Join the very fun and entertaining Pod Couple as they regale in every day adventures, pop culture, and TGIF Craft Beers. They will make you smile! xo

Podcast Meander: In His Usual Insulated Form


After successfully escaping Connecticut, Dan realizes that his project is being adversely affected by several nagging phobias. So, he attempts to overcome them… It doesn’t go well.
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“Dan Leone is a musician who decided to abruptly quit his job and leave on a journey with no endgame in mind, except to turn this story into an audio travelogue called Podcast Meander which is described as “50% fictional”. The second episode is titled “In His Usual Insulated Form” and it certainly lives up to the podcast’s title, as it seems like Dan is meandering from one odd event to another at first until he finally opens up about his backstory and you learn that he is making a serious attempt to acknowledge and overcome a debilitating disorder. The episode becomes a very raw, honest, compelling and sometimes funny look into secretly living with mental illness and making the dramatic decision to overhaul your life.”
The Trail Went Cold Podcast

“The premise of this podcast is about a the guy producing it admitting he has anxiety, OCD & panic attacks. He recently quit his job and has decided to hit the road and do a podcast about his journey. An interesting insight into someones personal journey and I’m sure its very cathartic for him as he works through his issues and wish him nothing but the best. One of my favourite parts was when he simply had conversations with strangers he met on the street. Looking forward to finding out where his journey takes him.”
Aussie and The Pom Podcast

The Pod Couple: The Pod Couple Goes Wild


When the phone rings in the middle of the night, ya’ just know it isn’t going to be a good thing. Pod Gal recounts the call, red herrings, and recovering from a mostly sleepless night.
The gang then plays a round of What Would You do?
PodGal encourages the guys to harness their inner child and pick the naked mole rat over the lion exhibit when next at the zoo. She makes her case, and it’s a pretty good one at that. Although some say they are terrifying and look like a turnip, they are extremely fascinating creatures, whose genome is currently being decoded. Interesting stuff.
PodGal has her first experience buying something from a facebook group – stranger danger!
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“The Pod Couples Goes Wild episode begins with some pleasant chit-chat before the Pod Family starts playing What Would You Do? The Pod Family plays multiple rounds, and you will find yourself playing along with them. It’s easy to feel like you are part of their Pod Family. The Pod Couple is a funny podcast with amazing artwork, great discussions, and fantastic accents. What Would We Do? We would listen to more episodes of The Pod Couple!”
Curiosity Kills Podcast

“Solid sound production lets the warmth and easy banter of this podcast shine. Great if you like an easygoing but slightly sassy talk-radio sort of vibe, without being bogged down by blaring radio spots. This podcast feels like sitting back and listening to a table full of friends chat over drinks.”
Quid Pro Quo Podcast