Day 27

Day 27: Boob Tube Buddies | Weird Shit Podcast

Boob Tube Buddies
Episode-by-episode reviews of current TV shows and the occasional movie. Water cooler discussion mixed with some deep dive information. Segments including trivia, games, songs, and more!

Weird Shit Podcast
Weird Shit Podcast is a podcast about all the things “they” won’t tell you about. From alien jizz collecting, to ghost fucking, assassins who accidentally hypnotized themselves, bigfoot wars, and bad psychics, Weird Shit covers it all. Your hosts on this journey down the rabbit hole are a group of friends coming from an undisclosed bunker we call Weird Shit HQ, brothers Mike and Robert, joined by their friends Alex and Ryan, and the occasional guest.

Boob Tube Buddies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


In this edition of the Boob Tube Buddies podcast, Foxman and Mike review the latest film in the Marvel Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The guys breakdown some of the best moments and dissect some of the Easter Eggs. They also play some Marvel trivia and we have a brand new song from Jables.
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“This is a delightful podcast. I was able to tune in for their episode on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and I was not disappointed. It is utterly obvious how much the hosts love the content they’re discussing. That passion is imbued through the entire episode, especially in fun segments like “Summing It Up In a Tweet,” and “2 Truths and 1 Lie.” They obviously put a ton of work into every show, and it pays off big time.
Do you ever begin listening to a podcast that’s rife with inside jokes? It’s really hard to find common ground with the hosts if you’re not familiar with their material or references. However, Boob Tube Buddies does not fall victim to this podcast trap. The moment I was hooked with this show was when they regaled the listeners with a brief story from a previous episode. I felt like I was part of the gang, one of the buddies. Every subsequent time they referenced the story, I laughed and felt like I was in a special club. This, in my opinion, distinguishes a good podcast from a great one. You want to feel like part of the gang, which you instantly do.
The Buddies even ended the episode with a special parody song written about Guardians which was impressive in itself. You can expect other stellar reviews on movies and TV from a rotating set of hosts (all with humorous Avenger avatars on their website) from Boob Tube Buddies. And, to top it off, they interact extremely well with their followers on social media!”
See, Here’s The Thing Podcast

“I love the hosts’ easy rapport with each other. They very obviously like each other, like what they are doing, and enjoy the topic at hand. I quite liked their use of devices such as summarizing the movie in a tweet and playing Two Truths and A Lie. Even though spoilers stopped me from finishing this episode, I’m definitely a new subscriber.”
There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast

Weird Shit Podcast: Jazz To Moon Base


The guys investigate alien moon bases and the theory it may be an artificial construct. Did aliens make our moon? Are there currently bases on the moon? Why would extraterrestrials build a moon base in the first place? Load up your bowl and prepare for ignition as we investigate alien moon bases, lose track of the topic, find our way back again, and break open the secrets of the universe.
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“I enjoy conspiracy theories, so I really liked that this episode felt like I was hanging out with the guys in the Weird Shit Podcast. No criticisms or trying to pass off their beliefs. Just some good friends inviting you to join them in their conversations. Next time you feel the need to kick back and have a laugh give this one a listen!”
Based On A True Story Podcast

“This sounds like me and my friend three bowls deep. From this show I learned that cheese is mined from the moon (knew it), helium is why the moon floats, peanut butter cookies were created by the devil, and I really want Taco Bell. If you want to feel like you’re in a room discussing the universe with all of your homies, this is your show.”
Wine & Crime Podcast

“This episode of the Weird S**t Podcast flies high into space to discuss the possibility of alien bases on the moon. This show makes you feel like you are chilling with your friends and discovering that they know way more than anyone should about NASA, aliens, and conspiracy theories. This podcast features crazy theories, obscure history, and edgy humor delivered by hosts who are obviously having a lot of fun.”
Pleasing Terrors Podcast