Day 28

Day 28: Two Awkward Millennials | Aussie & The Pom

Two Awkward Millennials
Kay Cee and Hendrix are 2 Awkward millennials talking pop culture and common generational themes with a battle of the sexes feel. This socially inept couple are exploring all aspects of life and love while sharing more then a few laughs in the process.

Aussie & The Pom
We produce a weekly Podcast – or PomCast as we call it – where we have a catch up about our lives in different continents. The Aussie is balancing his life as a husband and proud father and The Pom lives a high fast paced life where his poor girlfriend, Mrs Pom, has to put up with him! We have a couple of features we do such as Entertainment News hosted by Afghani Dave & we do the odd 90 second KO! We always finish each show with our famous Top 5 section where we usually end up in an argument and The Aussie tries to find a way to get Wesley Snipes into the show.

Two Awkward Millennials: Lovers and Friends


KayCee and Hendrix (won’t go away) take you on a trip to the dreaded place known as the “Friendzone.” How do you get here? Why do you put people here? What does it actually mean to these two awkward millennials? They also discuss Miley being a culture vulture. Lavar Ball being an overambitious businessman. Also why Joe Budden doesn’t want you to be happy.
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“The episode opens with an honest conversation about cultural misappropriation and how it’s become the go-to format for rebranding white pop stars. It’s both genius and hilarious, insightful and thought-provoking. Then they breakdown the term ‘friendzone’ with both empathy and a spotlight on the danger categorizing the opposite sex in such general terminology.”
Our Americana Podcast

Aussie & The Pom: When The Aussies Met Mrs. Pom


This is our most downloaded episode in its release week. The Pom always shares stories of his partner Mrs Pom each week and she has developed her own following, however on this episode she made her debut! The Aussie sprung a surprise onto The Pom by playing his own version of Mr & Mrs which he had organised with Mrs Pom separately!
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“This podcast has two hosts in different countries, which I can appreciate! They have a great rapport, and they know how to play off each other’s jokes and set ups well. It’s hard to have that dynamic when you’re not in the studio together but they do it well! Introducing Mrs. Pom in this episode brought another person into the dynamic, yet they handled it well.”
In Sight Podcast

“When an Aussie (Nate) and a Pom (Rus) get together for a chat, you will always be entertained. Throw in Mrs Pom and Dave from Afghanistan and you have a fun podcast. This episode features question time where the Pom is asked questions by the Aussie that Mrs Pom has supplied the answers to previously, let’s see how many the Pom gets correct. The Hitler story is gold. Entertainment News, with Dave from Afghanistan, discusses the new Star Wars trailer. Throw in their Top 5, with this week being Movies with a Twist and you have a well-rounded podcast. The more you listen, the more you think you are sitting in the loungeroom laughing along with them.”
True Crime Island Podcast

“So let me start by saying I had never heard of this podcast. I started at #21 “When the Aussie’s Met Mrs. Pom”. As an American I loved the accents, somehow I think some things are funnier when said in an accent that is not your own! Early in the beginning there was a diatribe that mixed Gladiator, Game of Thrones, and maybe one other and I laughed out loud. I had some laughs throughout and was thoroughly surprised by a podcast that I had never listened to before! Mrs. Pom’s review of Star Wars cracked me up.”
True Crime All The Time Podcast