Day 29

Day 29: Theme Park Films | There Might Be Cupcakes

Theme Park Films
Carla & Holly are two friends from England who host a podcast reviewing films in a very lighthearted way. The rule is they must all have, or have had, a theme park ride or attraction dedicated to them.

There Might Be Cupcakes
Books, Horror Movies, True Crime, Paranormal, Personal Stories, DIY, Writing & Whimsy.

Theme Park Films: Jurassic World


In this episode we talk about the Universal film Jurassic World as well as the associated ride from the franchise – Jurassic Park:The Ride in the Islands Of Adventure, Orlando.
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“A really unique take on the film review genre. Carla & Holly pick their week’s movie based on whether or not it has a theme park ride dedicated to it. You get not only a worthwhile discussion around a film, but also a look inside the world of theme park mania.”
The Only Fancast

“Theme Park Films is a hilarious and down to earth show. Right out of the gates, their intro music immediately makes you think of classic hollywood films. Carla and Holly have a very natural and organic rapport that instantly makes the listener feel comfortable and connected. This is a great podcast for anyone interested in films. The Jurassic World episode is my favorite because I love all of the films (even the awful earlier sequels).”
Boob Tube Buddies Podcast

There Might Be Cupcakes: Casey Anthony & Bonnie MacNara


Mothers who killed their young children: one fictional, one frighteningly real, both related.
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“There Might be Cupcakes is a brand-new podcast in which the host, Carla Hufstedler, yearns to look at a variety of subjects, including books and true crime. While the topic of Casey Anthony has been covered on numerous podcasts, Carla’s episode, “Casey Anthony and Bonnie MacNara”, is a very unique and fresh approach to the subject. Instead of simply rehashing Casey’s story, Carla uses the case as the inspiration to write a short story titled “Bonnie MacNara” about a fictional character who is also responsible for the death of her own child. Carla reads out her story on the episode and proves herself to be a talented writer who explores one of the most infamous criminal cases ever from a completely new angle.”
The Trail Went Cold Podcast

“This is a truly eclectic show, with content for everyone, ranging from conversational reviews and anecdotes to the ever popular true crime and paranormal fare as well as the occasional fiction story crafted by the host herself. The host is charming with her drawl, and her earnest enthusiasm earns the listener’s affection. Moreover, her fiction is well developed with a strong and confident narrative voice.”
Historical Blindness Podcast

“Very interesting idea from the host. Putting a creative spin on true crime. Perfect voice for a podcast, very engaging.”
Theme Park Films Podcast