Day 30

Day 30: Who Spiked The Puns | Life After The Fire

Who Spiked The Puns
The format is simple. Every week we watch two movies, tenuously linked by a bad pun, and put them in a conversational blender. There’s no intent to be professional movie critics. We are just a bunch of guys having yarns in a comfy lounge, whilst getting fairly inebriated. If you’re looking for a serious film review podcast, there a plenty of awesome ones out there. Some focus on new movies. Some focus on bad movies. We focus on good drinks and bad jokes; the movies are secondary.

Life After The Fire
My life was forever changed about two years ago when I almost died in a house fire. I’m alive today only because of the brave men & women who saved my life. Every episode is dedicated to the Firemen, Paramedics, Doctors & Nurses who all fought so hard so that I could live. I will always be grateful to them all, thankful for each & every day that I’m alive.

Who Spiked The Puns: Office Spaceballs


Get your red staplers out & show us your dark helmets! This week on WSTP – we head from the cubicle straight to outer space, getting jalapeño poppers and peanut butter all over our shotglasses. It’s Office Space (1999) vs Spaceballs (1987) Get involved!. We touch on (or at least reference) Meatloaf, Dr. Zaius, Ghostbusters, The Sticky Bandits, VHS, Bon Jovi… even Rip Torn. You know, all the things you’d expect from us. And as always… Simpsons, Simpsons, Simpsons.
More episodes of note: Casino Man (with Chris Braaten)

“It’s not every day that puns and films come together in the glorious harmony of a podcasting cauldron, but here we are. Of course, it has all too often been the case that this mishmash of competing ideas leaves the listener intellectually, comedically, and perhaps even spiritually bereft. But in this case? Everything’s coming up Fuzzy Dan!
Ever the Johnny-go-Fleetlys, these chaps have taken the challenge in their mighty stride, and make light work of bringing together some of the last century’s greatest films in puntastic hybrids for your audio pleasure!
Just like the proverbial Old Man and His Fish, these boys have got us hook, line, and sinker. Or should that be: book, rhyme, and thinker? Probably the first one, right lads!”
That’s A Shame Podcast

“You know when you are talking with friends, having a couple beers, and the conversation starts blending so you almost forget where you started? Listening to this podcast is like chatting with friends about movies. Everything gets blended up; plot, characters, and actors. Oh, and they are Australians so there is beer involved. Great, fun listening!”
Tight Ends Podcast

“Join three hilarious Aussies for fun shenanigans as they compare two random films – his episode featured the movies Office Space and Spaceballs. Along with the antics and hilarious tangents is some pretty astute film critique! Their laughing fits are also infectious!”
Canadian True Crime Podcast

Life After The Fire: My Life After The Fire, Part 1


In the 1st episode I read parts of my journal that I wrote in, shortly after I was released from the hospital.
More episodes of note: My Life After The Fire, Part 2

“Hearing how Livia’s heartbreaking story began is inspiring because it could be any one of us. When you’re looking for the courage to make it past your own struggles and challenges in life, Life After The First is proof that we’re all human. We all make mistakes. It’s how we arise from the ashes of our mistakes that make us…well, human.”
Based On A True Story Podcast

“The opening episode to a really personal journey into the recovery of a very traumatic event. The host takes you through her story as she recovers physically and mentally from a near death experience as she almost lost her life in a house fire. As she talks through parts of her journal and explains the impact it had on her body but also her personally and her family, you feel somewhat humble and reflective on your own life and how lucky you are. Great admiration for someone to put down on paper and then audio, their thoughts in the aftermath of such a terrible moment in their life. Great listen to really understand what it would be like.”
Aussie & The Pom Podcast


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