Day One

Day 1: One New Message | Unconcluded

One New Message
One New Message is a podcast for people who picked up the phone to call someone but hung up when they were met with an answering machine. These messages were never said, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. One New Message wants to hear those messages that you never sent and let you get them off your chest. We want you to get those messages it to the airwaves with hopes the person you once called can hear you out.

A real-time investigative podcast looking into the 2006 disappearance of 24 year old financial analyst Jennifer Kesse in Orlando, Florida.

One New Message: Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Get the tissues because we’re bringing this one back. It’s Mother’s Day. We had some listeners call in and tell us what they would tell their Mothers and share their intimate stories with us. Everything from the smiles to the tears to a death on Mother’s Day, no one holds back.
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“Josh must have instinctively known I needed to find a podcast like this. This particular episode in which callers left messages for their mothers brought me to tears within minutes. It’s tough to be emotional when there’s a live person waiting to react, so having voicemails sent out into the ether, I can imagine, is therapeutic in a way — getting to say the things we want to say without having the worry about the reactions of others. And this particular episode, coming from the place of being a mom was touching and heartfelt.”
-The Story Behind Podcast

“This was a surprisingly sweet episode of a very unique podcast. Rather than tell a story in a traditional way, or opine, or discuss issues going on in the world, “One New Message” makes its points with poignant, often funny phone messages. This would be the perfect episode and the perfect show to get you through a tough day – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll feel pretty entertained. ”
-The Policy Scout Podcast

Unconcluded: Roundabout


Another lead may place Jennifer Kesse in a strange situation 1.7 miles from her home, just prior to her disappearance.
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“I don’t typically listen to True Crime shows, but as a native of South Florida, Unconcluded definitely hits close to home. It’s clear just how much work and research have gone into the show and listening from the beginning you can really hear the style become more confident and polished. I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to do more than dip my toe into the world of true crime stories, but Unconcluded is engaging and thoughtful, and never feels exploitive, as these guys are truly using their platform to try to make a difference and bring a resolution to this case.”
-Oh No! Lit Class! Podcast

“This was my first True Crime Podcast I listened to, and grabbed the episode “Roundabout.” The chilling details and clues on the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse were fascinating to listen to. It’s very easy to tell that they put a lot of time and work into this show, and it pays off! Roundabout was very enjoyable to listen to, and I look forward to listening to another episode.”
-BrokeBot Mountain Podcast

“Unconcluded is a real time investigation of an old missing persons case from Orlando Florida. There are many shows in a similar genre and this one definitely rises to the top of the bunch. In this episode, the host has found a clue in the case, several yrs after it seemed that all of the facts of the case were known. I appreciate that he allows his guest just tell her story instead of trying to talk over her or ask too many questions. It was interesting and sad to learn that this clue was never made public or investigated. I enjoyed this episode a lot.”
-Murder Under The Midnight Sun