Day Two

Day 2: Can I Get A Ride? | Jumping The Shark

Can I Get A Ride?
One man’s conversations, interactions, and reflections with passengers he picks up for a ride share company.

Jumping The Shark
Why does it seem like the lady contestants always lose on Chopped? When did the first trans person appear on tv? And seriously, why did my favorite show get cancelled? Sink your teeth into this new podcast, where we critically examine television and how it shapes our cultural consciousness and individual identities.

Can I Get A Ride?: Life of a Stripper and Conspiracy theories


On this weeks episode, a stripper tells me I smell like a guy she used to date. I recall the time I picked up a lady of the night…in training. I fall down a rabbit hole talking about toll road fees and end up on FLAT EARTH… and three teenage boys play grab ass and firetruck in the back seat.
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“Listening to the episode “Life of a Stripper & Conspiracy Theories” I was blown away by Myk’s hilarious stories. When he started talking about “flat-earthers” and his own experience with conspiracy theories, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I’ll definitely listen to another episode of this amazing show, and I highly recommend that others do as well!”
-Sketching Comedy

Jumping The Shark: Too Beautiful for Starfleet (Women in Science Fiction Television)


In this episode, Caleb and Mackenzie discuss the way that women are treated in science fiction television and the variety of gender presentation in the genre. They also talk about Star Trek: The Original Series and how far our science fiction has come.
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“Jumping the Shark’s ‘Too Beautiful for Starfleet (Women in Science Fiction)’, really get’s you wishing you had more time to binge on TV more often! Like two friends sitting around with you talking about your favorite TV series’, this episode really gets you thinking about how the role of women in television has evolved over the last 50 years, from being objectified and used as some sort of bizarre prop for all the male leading roles of sci-fi shows of the past, to slowly evolving into strong, more significant roles, often the lead, often the heroine.”
-Killafornia Dreamin’

“A wonderfully entertaining podcast about TV shows, but this is not the ordinary review type podcast. The hosts offer intelligent and amusing discussion about really interesting topics. It’s well produced and well researched.”
-Rough Giraffe