Day Three

Day 3: Murder Under The Midnight Sun | Sketching Comedy

Murder Under The Midnight Sun
This is a true crime podcast that focuses on crimes that have taken place in Alaska, and the occasional “Beyond Alaska” case.

Sketching Comedy
Sketching Comedy is a live podcast each week every Wednesday on YouTube 8/7c. It’s the show that teaches about comics, comedy, illustrators and art, all while you listen and watch form the comfort of your own home. Professional digital artist Imran Javed, has a world of knowledge in the comic book field while Phil Rood draws analog with the old graphite, so that you can see the contrast in art. Kari Simms hosts and learns right along with the audience about topics from Jack Kirby and Stan Lee to Seinfeld and Bill Burr.

Murder Under The Midnight Sun: Robert Hanson


This is the story of a notorious serial killer that kidnapped women, set them free in the wilderness, and hunted them down like animals.
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“In a world of true crime podcasts, MUtMS stands out in the best ways. Beautifully written and presented with compassion, this podcast covers crimes you might not have heard of, but will definitely remember. The host (Ariel) presents with a kind and careful cadence, and her research is clearly thorough. The time and effort that goes into this podcast can be heard in every episode. I look forward to each new story that MUtMS introduces me to!”
-36 Times

“The thing that struck me most about this episode of Murder Under The Midnight Sun was the host’s skill at structuring a story, and her intuition around how much information needs to be included; the story doesn’t feel bogged down in detail but I also never felt as if anything had been missed out. Solid research and writing (with some quite poetic turns of phrase) put me right in the story and, unlike some other true crime podcasts I’ve listened to, the location (Alaska) is almost a character in itself, such is the host’s knowledge of the area. The coverage of the crime itself is handled delicately and appropriately, and I really appreciated the extra information about the investigators, I feel like that added a great deal of color to the story. I’ll definitely be checking back into Murder Under The Midnight Sun!”
-Yesterday’s Chip Paper

Sketching Comedy: Wonder Woman


On today’s show we discuss all things WONDER WOMAN! You may recognize her as a strong female superhero from DC comics and part of the Justice League. The release on June 1st of her new movie simply titled ‘Wonder Woman’, may be one of this summers biggest blockbusters. But did you know her creator was an American Psychologist?. Our own, sketch comedians Imran and Phil are back on the drawing boards today. Their sketches that are produced live are available to Patrons at
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“This is a really fun podcast. They are actually sketching (which you can watch on youtube) while doing the podcast. I learned a lot of cool facts about Wonder Woman, and I laughed a lot. The hosts are likable, entertaining, funny, and the production quality is excellent. It made me really wish I could draw.”
-You Can Rewind It

“I really enjoyed this podcast! Kari, Phil, and Imran have a great rapport with each other and they are seriously funny! They spend the episode talking all things Wonder Woman, from the creator of the character to the comics to the movie. They fill the show with a ton of information with just enough personal opinions and chit chat to make it entertaining and I was surprised by how fast time went. I look forward to future episodes.”
-Life Under The Laundry Pile