Day 4

Day 4: The Prix Fixe | Interdimensional RSS

The Prix Fixe
The Prix Fixe is a new podcast about the intersection of food + drink hosted by Cristina Kim and Shanna Farrell. We take one theme per episode and explore how it manifests in both areas through a mixture of produced segments and Q&As.

Interdimensional RSS
Interdimensional RSS is THE podcast for Rick and Morty discussions, with in-depth episode reviews, character exploration, interviews, and other semi-pertinent Rick and Morty news!

The Prix Fixe: Pop-Up #1: The Negroni Litmus Test


We will launch our first full season in October 2017. Until then, we are doing a series of “pop ups,” which are shorter episodes that focus on a single area. Our second pop up is about cookbooks and how they have historically been gendered. We interview Celia Sack, owner of Omnivore Books on Food in San Francisco, CA to explore how gender roles in cookbooks have changed over time.
More episodes of note: More episodes premiering this Fall.

“I was so excited when I found out about this show through #2PodsADay. I am, despite the negative connotations, a foodie. And there has been a huge absence in food-related podcasts. Even though we’re only just getting familiar with Prix Fixe through their minisodes, I already know this show won’t disappoint. They perfectly mix personal stories with history and information, and give you the dinner party essence seamlessly. If you love food, drinks, and dinner parties, you’ll love this show.”

Interdimensional RSS: Season 3 Is Here!


When Adult Swim decided to April Fools everyone with an episode from the newest season, we were all incredibly stoked! On this episode, Brandon and Travis talk about the episode, their initial thoughts and potential ramifications for the future of Rick and Morty!
More episodes of note: Waxing Philosophical: The Meaning of Life | Rick and Morty Pilot Re-Watch

“I started with hilariously exciting episode “SEASON 3 IS HERE!” in which Brandon & Travis discuss the newest season of Rick and Morty. And boy, I wasn’t disappointed! The hosts have really great chemistry, and you can tell that they’re passionate about this animated series. Not only that, they’re also really funny, and made me laugh out loud. I highly recommend checking this show out if you’re a fan of the Rick and Morty Show, heck even if you’re not, I could listen to these two banter all day.”
-BrokeBot Mountain

“Interdimensional RSS is a Rick and Morty News and Recap show. The two hosts have great chemistry and the conversation about the show is always natural and funny. Podcasts like this often have a tendency to get off track for long periods of time, but Interdimensional RSS never feels too long. It’s the best of both… dimensions! If you’re looking for Rick and Morty News, theories, and episode recaps, this is the podcast for you.”
-Beware & Warning

What a great idea for a show. The Rick and Morty fan base is very large and if they aren’t aware of this show, they should be. I always enjoy shows that are a little off the beaten path and you can tell these guys have fun making this.”
-Can I Get A Ride?