Day 5

Day 5: The Story Behind | Kiwi Crimes

The Story Behind
The extraordinary history of the ordinary. Do you like trivia and fun facts? Have you lost hours to Wikipedia rabbit holes? Do you ever wonder about the history of everyday things in your world? The Story Behind is the show for you! Warning: Your friends might tire of you starting sentences with, “I learned on a podcast…”

Kiwi Crimes
Kiwi Crimes is a weekly podcast that focuses on the missing, murdered, and more from Aotearoa. Join your host, Jess, as she discusses the crimes and mysteries that have rocked New Zealand.

The Story Behind: The Story Behind Potato Chips | Crunch Time


When this episode comes out, it’ll be the second week of the new year. So … how’s everyone’s diets going? If you’re looking for some motivation, you might want to go back to last week’s episode on The Story Behind the Treadmill because in this episode, we’ll be talking about a certain crunchy, salty, fatty food that’s hard to resist. Find out the popular origin story of this food, and how it’s actually just a legend; how it became a favorite snack food and went from banned during World War 2 to becoming labeled “essential; and why you can’t just eat one. I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind Potato Chips.
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“This is a very “easy to listen to” podcast – the episodes are short, the narrative flows, and the topics are interesting and well-researched. This episode is no exception, and I’d listen to it whenever I had a few minutes to spare. It’s just enough knowledge about something unknown, but ordinary.”
-The Policy Scout

“The Story Behind is a brilliant look into the extraordinary tales behind everyday objects. Just a few episodes in and I’m already looking at the world in a completely different way – I constantly find myself thinking “hm, I wonder what the story behind that is?” The amount of research that goes into each short episode is amazing, especially considering that the end product is so clearly and succinctly explained. I highly recommend for both the insatiably curious and the dinner table entertainers.”
-Yesterday’s Chip Paper

Kiwi Crimes: Kenneth Pigott


Kenneth Pigott was a 60 year old grandfather who lived in the small town of Waitara (Why-ta-ra) in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. If you look at a map, that’s the region on the west coast of the north island that sticks out a bit. The taranaki region is famous for Mt Taranaki, located in egmont national park. It is an extinct volcano, and it dominates most of the skyline in northern taranaki. Waitara is a small town, close to the coast, with a river running through it to the ocean.  Keith was a truck driver, and by all accounts a well liked member of the community.
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“Kiwi Crimes takes you on a completely unique look into true crime in one of the furthest corners on Earth, New Zealand. The host of this show brings you this tragic story, compassionately told in a way that brings to light the issues that plague society and criminals – mental illness and drug abuse. Jess is off to a great start with her new show!”
-Killafornia Dreamin’

“Kiwi Crimes is an excellent addition to the True Crime genre, because it brings you a whole batch of cases that most people haven’t heard on other shows. Jess is both compassionate and well-researched in her presentation. If you love TC but are looking for fresh stories, this is the show for you.”