Day 6

Day 6: Oh No! Lit Class! | My Thing Can Beat Your Thing

Oh No! Lit Class!
With fresh takes on classic literature, Megan and RJ revisit your old Required Reading list, this time with cool facts and trivia, bad impressions, some surprisingly sexy plot summaries, and plenty of jokes to make you blush. We are CliffsNotes’s Delinquent Cousin and Sparknotes’s Vodka Aunt.

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing
A show in which each host picks a thing, and then debate about which thing could beat which thing. When then use our software that we developed to simulate the battle and determine an actual winner. We’ve battled everything from a baby vs a potato to a peacock vs the first season of Pokemon on VHS.

Oh No! Lit Class!: It’s Alive! It’s A Lie?


Megan and RJ are here to tell you that everything you know about Frankenstein is wrong. Not only is he the doctor, not the monster, he’s not even an actual doctor! Also, there’s no Igor…but there might be some Al Gore. We discuss the dumpster fire that was Mary Shelley’s life and why it’s important to love your children, even if they’re an affront to God and like, just so incredibly ugly.
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“The two things that really come across with Oh No! Lit Class are the dynamic of the hosts and their passion for the subject matter. In this episode, which covers Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the hosts don’t start with the book; instead, they take us through the life of Mary Shelley, the many ups and downs of her relationship with Percy Shelley, there’s a cameo from Lord Byron and a host of other characters which really breathes new life into Frankenstein, a story that has been distorted via dozens of different retellings. Throughout – particularly when discussing the plot of the book – you get the sense that the hosts know their stuff, they don’t sound like they’re reading from a script. This is accounted for later when it’s mentioned that they’re Lit graduates, and that really shows. The departure from the normal Sparknotes tone of voice is welcome, and ON!LC! gives a fresh perspective. If I was cramming for a test I’d probably remember more from this show than written sources, I’d just have to edit the swears out before I started writing my answers.”
-Yesterday’s Chip Paper

“The hosts are hilarious and irreverent, and I basically wish they’d been my literature teachers in high school. Through lots of banter you get lots of insight into the book, its author, and the historical setting. I also liked that there’s discussion about modern movie interpretations, and how the work has been changed as it’s adapted into a different format.”
-The Earth Friendly Gardener

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing: A Peacock vs The First Season of Pokemon on VHS


This episode features a peacock (yes, the bird) in a battle to the death against the first season of Pokemon on VHS (referred to amongst fans as The Indigo League). A battle for the ages and a celebrity guest appearance you won’t want to miss.
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“You have to listen to the hilarious episode “A Peacock Vs. The First Season of Pokemon on VHS”, in which Nick and Phil discuss whether a peacock could beat Pokemon VHS tapes. Their commentary is funny and well thought out, and incredibly enjoyable to listen to. The episode was ridiculously fun and wacky, but also interesting to listen to. I really liked just how ridiculous it got, especially when they began discussing VHS armor.”
-Sketching Comedy

“In the second season of My Thing Can Beat Your Thing, each episode has a color theme and episode 6 is indigo. Phil and Nick respectively choose a peacock and the 1st season of Pokemon (aptly named Indigo League) on VHS tape. I really enjoyed hearing the reasoning behind their choices, including a totally believable conversation with a celebrity that was accidentally recorded by Phil. Phil and Nick’s conversation flows very easily and the geek in me laughed quite a bit. The battle between the peacock and the Pokemon VHS tapes was intense and even though I disagree with who should have won, I will respect the final score. As a side note and more seriously, as a listener and fellow podcaster, I really appreciated the awesome sound quality of this show.”
-Life Under The Laundry Pile