Day 7

Day 7: 36 Times | I’d Rather Not

36 Times
36 Times is a Canadian true crime podcast hosted by Krista and Lilly. Each week, they talk a different Canadian criminal case (both historical and more recent) to then wrap it up with something ridiculous that has happened in their home and native land. From mass murders to altercations at the local Tim’s, they make up their podcast with content so Canadian, it’s like maple syrup in your ears!

I’d Rather Not
I’d Rather Not Podcast evolved from the phone conversations that friends Kristie Champagne & Kwame had every day during their lunch breaks. The show focuses on random pop culture and LGBTQI+ topics from a gay man’s perspective. Sit back, grab a cocktail, and have a kiki with Kristie & Kwame on I’d Rather Not Podcast!

36 Times: Massacre on the Plains of Syrup


In this episode, the ladies talk about the Shell Lake massacre, and how mental illness is approached in the Canadian courts. Listener discretion is advised on this one, as it is a crime that involves the death of young children. Plus, Krista introduces Lilly to a brilliantly Canadian heist that will be told for generations to come, featuring the most Canadian of pancake toppings, syrup!
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“Lily and Krista are able to bring a funny, yet victim sensitive look at some interesting cases that are new to me. I love their chemistry. Massacre on the plains of syrup is well researched and engaging. This is definitely a podcast I will be tuning into in the future. Keep up the great work girls.”
-True Crime Sisters

“Did you know that in your lifetime you will walk by a murderer 36 times? I didn’t – until I came across this fascinating podcast in which Lilly and Krista delve into the world of Canadian True crime. Delivering macabre tales of murder with wit and humour, the hosts’ passion for their subject shines through. Don’t let the light-hearted touch fool you though, the Shell Lake massacre episode is a deep and complex tale of not only a terrible tragedy, but also of a boy entirely misunderstood by his family and failed by mental health services. Lilly and Kristen’s insightful and empathetic exploration into the moral and legal difficulties of such a case will leave you wondering if the perpetrator was not, in fact, also a victim. Rounded off with the funny and upbeat ‘kooky crime’ segment, this podcast is the perfect way to spend awhile in the world of True Crime.”
-Knock Once For Yes

I’d Rather Not: Adam & Steve & Our Pet Peeves


On this episode, Kristie has a list of pet peeves he found on the internet. Grab your cocktails because major discussions happen! Not an episode you want to miss!
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“I’d happily kiki with Kristie and Kwame any day of the week! I’d Rather Not is a fantastic and fun podcast that features two opinionated hosts who pull you into their conversations effortlessly. From their episode on Pet Peeves (listen purely to nod your head over cup lids at fast food places needing to Do Better) to their discussion about Rupaul’s Drag Race, the hosts of I’d Rather Not make you want to say ‘Actually, I’d rather, thanks!’ to binge listening to their episodes. I started listening to episode one and all of a sudden, it was the end of the day and I need a new episode, like, right now! I’d Rather Not is a great podcast for anyone who is looking for a laugh or looking to learn more about the gay community or just looking to hear about two funny people’s day!”
-36 Times

“The hosts make this podcast – and this episode is nothing short of a fun, entertaining romp. These two are incredibly quotable, and had me laughing, whether they stayed on topic or strayed far from their “pet peeves”. Their chemistry is undeniable. I subscribed to this podcast about five minutes into this episode and plan to listen regularly.”
-The Policy Scout

“I’d Rather Not is a fun, chatty podcast with hilarious hosts. I loved the unique perspective that they had as a gay man and a drag queen looking at the world. Their discussions about their pet peeves had me rolling. Listening the I’d Rather Not is like having a cocktail with friends (except my friends aren’t as funny!)”
-Kiwi Crimes