Day 8

Day 8: E-Travels with E.Trules | Two Peas On A Podcast

E-Travels with E.Trules
Like to travel? Like to listen to travel tales from well off the beaten path? Well then, you’ve come to the right place…
“e-travels with e.trules” is a new, personal, idiosyncratic, and literary podcast created by Eric Trules, a longtime Huffington Post blogger and theater Professor at USC in Los Angeles. Trules has traveled our beautiful and problematic planet for decades, staying in Bedouin huts on the Red Sea, riding the rails to “Nose of the Devil” in Southern Ecuador, and meeting his future Indonesian wife on the magical island of Bali.

Two Peas On A Podcast
Andy and Gerald get together every week to wrap up the top stories in news, politics, current events, pop culture, entertainment and just everyday life. Sometimes the news of the day can get you down. They try to put a positive spin on said news. They’ll probably even make you giggle a little. Here’s to looking at the bright side of life! Join Andy and Gerald every week for not only a nice week-in-review, but some laughs along the way also.

E-Travels with E.Trules: The Gentrification of Mi Barrio, Echo Park


This is one of my favorite episodes. Even though I didn’t have to travel very far at all. In fact, I just rolled down the hill to Echo Park Lake to La Presencia Cubano en Los Angeles, the annual Cuban Music Festival where the park throbbed with the rhythm and horns of our local Buena Vista Social Club, and most of the bodies were draped in the red, white and blue flags of Cuba.
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“This snapshot picture of Echo Park by E. Trules was stunningly told with details that brought me right into the scene, transporting me through the history of the narrator’s relationship with his neighborhood and the changes it has undergone in recent years. Sound effects can be tough in podcasts and can sometimes take you out of a story, but the production of this was beautifully created and seamless in its delivery. E. Trule said this was based off his blog of the same name, but I’m glad he made an audio version of this, since his storytelling is entertaining in a way I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of had I been reading it in my own mind.”
-The Story Behind Podcast

“‘The Gentrification of Mi Barrio, Echo Park’ completely takes you into Eric’s little corner of the world, and makes you wish you could turn back the hands of time. Filled with the sounds of the neighborhood, you feel as though you are transported to this place, as it becomes so familiar to you through his brilliant storytelling, you feel like you’ve been there…and further…makes you want to go there. He draws you in and gets you to focus in on the things we are sometimes too busy to appreciate sometimes. He makes you want to stop dead in your tracks and enjoy your little corner of the world.”
-Killafornia Dreamin’

“I’m so glad this podcast exists! I listened to the fascinating episode “The Gentrification of Mi Barrio, Echo Park” in which Eric discussed how his home, Echo Park, is slowly being gentrified. His insight into the culture and past of Echo Park while also discussing the future of his home was very interesting and well thought out. I highly recommend this show for anyone who loves to travel and understand the cultures that accompany it.”
-Trivia Geeks

Two Peas On A Podcast: Trump vs. The World


We discuss Trump’s exit from the Paris Accord plus his Twitter “support” of the London mayor in the face of tragedy. We also tackle Seinfeld’s hugging etiquette, Ariana Grande, Bill Maher, Comey’s upcoming PPV-worthy testimony, new iPhone features and Batman is engaged…(maybe).
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“The hosts of Two Peas on a Podcast have an amazing, relaxed rapport, offering a measured and funny look at current events. They don’t shy away from sensitive topics, like their opinions about Donald Trump’s presidency, while also lightening up the mood with topics like new iPhone features and jelly donut Oreos. If you’re looking for a news podcast with some humor sprinkled in, this is a great choice.”
-Jumping The Shark

“Andy and Gerald have such a great and dynamic back and forth, I could listen to them talk about pretty much anything. Conversational-style podcasts can be tricky because if the hosts aren’t engaging enough then it can get boring pretty quick, but the Two Peas never have this problem. You can also always count on them to be able to put a positive spin on the current events they cover or, especially when it comes to Trump, at least help you laugh about them. Two Peas On A Podcast is both legitimately informative and puts a big smile on your face.”
-Oh No! Lit Class