Day 9

Day 9: My Neighbors Are Dead | I’m The Host

My Neighbors Are Dead
My Neighbors Are Dead is a weekly comedic podcast where host Adam Peacock interviews the lesser known characters from your favorite horror films.

I’m The Host
Three friends take a slightly deeper look at the media we all consume. Try to find out what’s going on under the surface. Should Doc Brown be jailed for his crimes? Is the Incredibles about objectivism? How scary should children’s media be (re: Gremlins and Coraline)? Join us as we attempt to answer these questions and more.

My Neighbors Are Dead: The Babadook with Julia Weiss


Some six year olds are haunted by their experiences. Others, like todays guest Linnie Everton (Cards Against Humanity Head Writer Julia Weiss), have the emotional intelligence and Jungian intuition to persevere through whatever challenges grade school can conjure.
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“Julia Weiss’ deadpan six-year-old impression had me laughing the entire time. The show has such a great concept, and pulls it off really well. I love to laugh, and this show is really funny. If you like horror movies at all, and love to laugh, I think you’d really enjoy “My Neighbors Are Dead”!”
-Trivia Geeks

“My Neighbors Are Dead is a movie podcast with its own take on the genre. The concept of the show is that the host is interviewing a bit character from the movie he is discussing. It’s not exactly my favorite kind of podcast because I have a hard time paying attention to shows with a lot of chatting, but I could understand the appeal for a movie buff. This episode is focusing on an interview with a classmate of the main child in the Babadook. I had a hard time getting through that movie and was completely unfamiliar with this character and the details of the movie so that may have been why I had a hard time paying attention. I will gladly give this show another listen with a different episode on a movie I love. ”
-Murder Under The Midnight Sun

I’m The Host: The People vs. Doc Brown


Kurt brings Dr. Emmett L. Brown to stand trial for his crimes against the space-time continuum. We try hold time travelers to our sense of justice here in Hypothetical Time Court. Can “Doc” Brown explain his involvement with Libyan terrorists, setting fire to public roads, and endangering minors?
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“From the clever introduction to the unique take on pop culture, this is a podcast you need in your life! We loved the casual conversation between the three speakers – all of whom are humorous and mesh well. The People VS “Doc” Brown was a clever and refreshing take on a movie (series) which has been discussed to death.”
-Crime Crazy