Day 11

Day 11: Knock Once For Yes | Sci-Gasm Podcast

Knock Once For Yes
Lil & Fitz host a paranormal podcast discussing their own paranormal experiences, listeners encounters, folklore, myths, legends and more!

Sci-Gasm Podcast
Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, and debunk some junk Science along the way. Enjoy your Sci-gasm!

Knock Once For Yes: Paranormal Bedfordshire


This episode we discuss our recent visit to Bedfordshire and some of it’s haunted locations. We also have some listeners spooky stories, including a swimming pool ghost in flip flops, a story from a listener in Leicester and a couple of stories from the Pacific Coast Spirit Watch Paranormal Team.
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“These two brits have a great conversation about weird and the unusual. Good quality, easy to listen to and an enjoyable rapport between the hosts. Interesting story-telling which almost feel like I was sitting around a campfire and listening to a story. Great job at lifting the words from the page, instead of just reading. Neat that people across the world send in their stories about spooky events.”
-Nerdy By Nature

“A wonderfully cheerful chit-chat covering paranormal England. The hosts don’t feel the need to dramatically whisper to let you know something suspenseful and strange is happening. Instead, they’re simply charming people talking all things odd and unexplained, and presenting their listeners’ stories, and more, with good doses of skepticism and enthusiasm. Really enjoyed this!”
-Human Circus

Sci-Gasm Podcast: Climate Models: Sexy Science or Heated Hogwash


Wade and Byrne talk to climate scientist Dr Angela Maharaj about the climate around climate science. They discuss the accuracy of climate models as well as the evidence scientists use to conclude humans are causing recent climate change.
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“Sci-gasm manages to juggle informative science information with smart, sparkling humor. Both hosts are so likable, and they do a great job of directing their guests and getting a great interview. This episode makes a great case for climate change and talks about its ramifications. It would be a great episode to show that one conservative uncle of yours this Christmas.”
-Jumping The Shark

“This is a great podcast, especially as a fellow Aussie. The guys have an awesome dynamic between them, and the perfect amount of humor. They were able to use humour to lighten up very interesting scientific subject matter. Loved it!”
-True Crime Sisters