Day 12

Day 12: Moonshot | The Policy Scout

Moonshot explores seemingly impossible technology ideas and the people working to make them happen.

The Policy Scout
This is a brand new independently-produced podcast, made for people who want to form their own opinions. Host Kristin Matheny is a seasoned policy analyst and campaign veteran who has grown increasingly skeptical of the media. She gathers facts and opinions from both sides of the aisle on the most pressing, often under-reported policy issues of our time. Since its debut in May 2017, The Policy Scout has already gathered a big following, and recently ranked #24 on the iTunes “News and Politics” list after the latest episode drop.

Moonshot: The Race to Mars!


If you’re a billionaire with lots of money there’s no better way to spend that cash then to try and send other humans to Mars. But is Mars space travel really something that could be a reality in less than a decade? Moonshot explores the race to Mars and the people trying to make it happen
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“Moonshot is an incredibly well produced podcast on science interest topics that deal with impossible ideas. The recent episode “The Race to Mars” is almost like an episode of “The Daily” from the New York Times. It’s a bite sized science documentary. The show is really well focused and written, and has relevant audio clips to help flesh out the topic. Plus, one of the hosts is named Andrew Moon. How much better could it get?”
-Beware & Warning

“I always thought going to Mars was an I’ll conceived pipe dream for the rich and wealthy. But this podcast has made me think not only is it possible, but likely and in the not too distant future! In fact I kinda want to go now.”
-Sci-Gasm Podcast

The Policy Scout: When You Become the Product: The World of Cybersecurity and Online Privacy


Host Kristin Matheny was inspired to delve into recent FCC rollbacks and policy changes after reading an article about privacy issues that Twitter users have encountered. What she found, though, was a Cybersecurity nightmare. She discusses public policy, the internet of things, hackers, John Podesta and the DNC email leaks, and the recent Wanna Cry software breach. The episode features news clips and a great interview with Jesse Woo, an expert at Georgia Tech who works with Peter Swire, former Cybersecurity czar.
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This was a fascinating episode about how companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook gather information on users and the ways they utilize that information.  Particularly eye opening (and creepy) was the part about Internet of things devices and the ways law and intelligence services can make use of those devices.  I like that there were do-able recommendations on keeping up with privacy issues, improving password strength, and taking cyber hygiene measures.”
-The Earth Friendly Gardener

“So many political shows claim to bring you every side of an issue but few actually do. The Policy Scout is one of the few, with thoroughly-researched topics presented in an engaging and accessible way. Kristin can take a convoluted, multifaceted issue like cyber security and make it not just understandable, but incredibly interesting, all done in the perfect length of time. I also really like all the links and resources on the site that go with each episode, it just really illustrates the time and effort put into this podcast. Well worth the listen!”
-Oh No! Lit Class

“Digging into politics and interesting online privacy tidbits that you may not have thought about. Primarily, Twitter’s privacy rules changed and the Policy Scout unravelled some truth behind this. Being a product for being part of a free service could be more than you bargained for. Great detective work and kudos for spelling out the privacy mumbo jumbo in English for all of us to better understand.”
-Nerdy By Nature