Day 13

Day 13: The Concession Stand | Human Circus

The Concession Stand
Every week, there is tons and tons of news to cover in the world of Entertainment, or better #Geektainment, centered around TV & Movies, Video Games, and overall pop/geek culture! Nick and Andy bring you a high-energy, fast-paced 1-hour weekly show full of quips, jokes, and updates on all of these things! Strap-in folks, because you’re in for a ride!

Human Circus
Human Circus is a narrative history podcast that uses the stories of lesser-known figures to cover great events, especially late medieval and early modern ones.

The Concession Stand: Delay of Game


Video Games are not like movies, and their release dates seem to move as often as new ones are announced. Nick & Andy take a trip to The Lobby to discuss why this is, and how the hype associated with early release date announcements might be a huge misstep by companies when it comes to video games. Also, Hollywood is running out of 80s movies to reboot, Disney’s World of Avatar ride creates a 4-hour line, and WTF is Neil Blomkamp up to?! We’re on the cusp of E3 and EA Play, Microsoft officially launches Xbox GamePass, and Overwatch celebrates a massive monumental anniversary!
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“Typically I wouldn’t seek out a show with such broad scope, but thankfully I have tons of overlapping interests with Nick and Andy and they can keep you engaged the full show with their excitement and knowledge. The gents are nerds through and through and anyone like minded will relate and dig the show. I listened to this episode and immediately downloaded the next two.”
-My Neighbors Are Dead

“Even though I’m not a huge fan of tv/movie podcasts, nick and Andy have a well produced podcast that they did via skype. I like their perspective on the upcoming monster movies (Godzilla) and Batman. Also, I like how they switched over to speaking about Nintendo switch and the growth of the emulator market. Very informative.”

“I really enjoyed hearing Nick & Andy’s discussion on 80’s movie revivals. They have a lot of insightful and interesting insight on all things nerdy, and also are super funny! Their discussion in Godzilla was also very interesting to hear.”
-Sketching Comedy

Human Circus: Thomas Dallam, part 1: Jenkinson and the Safavid Shah


This is the start of my series on Thomas Dallam, an Elizabethan organ maker who had never left England before but in the final years of the 16th century found himself on a ship taking an important gift from the queen to the Ottoman sultan. This episode, I introduce the times he lived in, early English trade with “the Muslim world,” and the adventures of a man named Jenkinson whose trips to Persia paved the way for English alliances with Morocco and with the Ottomans.
More episodes of note: Thomas Dallam 2: The Anglo-Moroccan Relationship | Thomas Dallam 3: William Harborne in Constantinople

“The average listener that took social studies in middle school likely won’t recognize a lot of the names covered in this podcast. For the curious, this can be a treasure trove of historical figures you’ve likely never heard of, and fascinating tales and adventures. It has the indirect side-effect of making me want to revisit some periods in history I didn’t know I needed to read more about! The host does an excellent job of keeping the listener focused and engaged on the storytelling.
-Busted Wide Open

“The Human Circus has been one of my favorite shows for a while now, and I’m so happy to write a review for this amazing show. What makes this show so great to me is the Human focus, the lens through which our narrator (who has the perfect voice and pacing for podcasting) chooses to show us the lost worlds of history. When I wrote my iTunes review of this a month or two ago, after finding it on my own, I mentioned how this show is basically inception. Essentially, our narrator starts with one point, an individual, a traveler of some sort or another. From there he unpacks the world around it, painting a rich and full tapestry that engages us, regardless of the centuries that separate us from the central traveler, allowing us to truly step back in time. It is one of those shows I truly feel more intelligent after listening to. Check it out, you’re going to love it.”
-Not Alone Podcast