Day 4

Day 4: We’re All Just Pretending | Podcast Brunch Club

We’re All Just Pretending
It’s a podcast that has elements of Dear Abby with a twist of Post Secret. Every episode, I will read listener questions and provide advice and insight, as a friend. My own pod friends will even join in and offer their advice on parenting, relationships, and even give you really bad advice [on purpose]! We all have secrets to share. There will be a segment focusing on letting the skeletons out of your closet.

Podcast Brunch Club
Like book club, but for podcasts. Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is a community of avid podcast listeners. Every month we post a thematic podcast playlist with 1-5 hours of podcast episodes. Then our in-person chapters meet in over 30 cities across 5 continents to discuss. The PBC podcast takes a sample of that conversation and brings it directly to your earbuds.

We’re All Just Pretending: A Question of Longevity and Secrets About Deathly Wishes


Introduction to the show and format. You’ll be able to hear from your favorite podcasters sharing their advice with you or revealing your secrets.
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“We’re All Just Pretending is an advice podcast with a twist. There are three advice segments, each featuring a different host. The final segment feels like the audio version of Post Secret – listeners send in their deepest thoughts and secrets. The questions can be quite serious and the responses are thoughtful and heartfelt. The added bonus is the “Bad Advice with Haley” segment which answers questions in a satirical and hilarious way.”
-Podcast Brunch Club

“Honest, straightforward advice is sometimes hard to come by. With We’re All Just Pretending, getting the tough love we need or the support we deserve is made easy. The show has a fun and novel format combining some of the best voices in podcasting. As listeners, we are exposed to some seriously intimate secrets and problems. Remember that thing you do imagining your co-workers getting it on? Is that weird? Think of this show as a way to get advice from a friend: sometimes that advice is good and sometimes it’s intentionally bad, as Haley shows us. Just like life, the podcast is serious but funny in all the right ways.”
-Semi-Intellectual Musings

Podcast Brunch Club: The Future of the Human Body
podcast brunch


The Future of the Human Body discussion with Arielle Nissenblatt. In this episode of the PBC podcast, Adela, the founder of PBC, and Arielle Nissenblatt, founder of the Earbuds Podcast Collective chat about the podcast playlist Arielle curated around “The Future of the Human Body.” Three episodes are included in the playlist: Flash Forward’s “A Womb Away from Home,” WSJ’s The Future of Everything’s “Meet One of the World’s First Human Cyborgs,” and Note To Self’s “Do You Really Want to Live Forever?”
More episodes of note: Passports & Citizenship | Community Commentary: Creativity

“The Podcast Brunch Club is like a book club but for podcasts. Host Adela Mizrachi brings on guests each week to discuss a different topic. However, the podcast is only one-half of the PBC experience. The other half is joining with the community, whether that means engaging online or meeting in-person in one of the 13 Podcast Brunch Club groups around the country. In this episode, tAdela and her guest discuss the future of the human body. This means tackling subjects such as artificial wombs, cognitive implants and the question of immortality. I absolutely love the idea of this podcast. Using podcasts as a mean to bring people together in the real world is such a smart move for the medium as a whole. Anytime we can put people in touch with other like-minded folks I think that is a win for everyone and the Podcast Brunch Club is on to something special.”
-The Songwriter’s Roundtable

“This is an amazing creation! I love that Rose Eveleth curates a collection of podcast episodes that touch on the politics and personal stories that come with the human body. Some topics covered were maternity / paternity rights, lambs being born in bio bags, and the ever controversial abortion debate. I think the listener will walk away with a bunch of new information and hopefully consider a new perspective from their own. Wonderfully done. I feel smarter listening to it!”
-We’re All Just Pretending

“The idea for this show is perfect. Take the idea of a book club and turn it into a podcast, but instead of reading books listen to a podcast. There are chapters across the country and this podcast serves as a brilliant companion. The episode: “The Future of the Human Body” was fascinating and introduced me to some incredible concepts about post human existence. The discussion was fluid and the questions raised were poignant. I look forward to checking out more episodes and maybe seeing if there is a local chapter around my parts.
-The Wild Pitch