Day 30

Day 30: Who Spiked The Puns | Life After The Fire Who Spiked The Puns The format is simple. Every week we watch two movies, tenuously linked by a bad pun, and put them in a conversational blender. There’s no intent to be professional movie critics. We are just a bunch of guys having yarns … More Day 30

Day 29

Day 29: Theme Park Films | There Might Be Cupcakes Theme Park Films Carla & Holly are two friends from England who host a podcast reviewing films in a very lighthearted way. The rule is they must all have, or have had, a theme park ride or attraction dedicated to them. There Might Be Cupcakes … More Day 29

Day 28

Day 28: Two Awkward Millennials | Aussie & The Pom Two Awkward Millennials Kay Cee and Hendrix are 2 Awkward millennials talking pop culture and common generational themes with a battle of the sexes feel. This socially inept couple are exploring all aspects of life and love while sharing more then a few laughs in … More Day 28

Day 27

Day 27: Boob Tube Buddies | Weird Shit Podcast Boob Tube Buddies Episode-by-episode reviews of current TV shows and the occasional movie. Water cooler discussion mixed with some deep dive information. Segments including trivia, games, songs, and more! Weird Shit Podcast Weird Shit Podcast is a podcast about all the things “they” won’t tell you … More Day 27

Day 26

Day 26: Podcast Meander | The Pod Couple Podcast Meander Podcast Meander is the semi-fictional travelogue of Dan Leone – a traumatized musician who abruptly quit his job and started driving west, fleeing from something. In the spirit of travel, the show features an ever-evolving format; from musical journalism, to political docu-fiction, to debauched autobiography, … More Day 26

Day 25

Day 25: Misconduct | True Crime Island Misconduct Misconduct. is a true crime podcast hosted by Colleen and Eileen (who also happen to be related). True Crime Island Grab a beer and pull up a deck chair for true crime stories from around the world. Misconduct: The Murder of Angie Zapatta Angie Zapatta was a woman … More Day 25

Day 24

Day 24: Canadian True Crime | The Witching Hour: Stories of the Macabre and Unusual Canadian True Crime A true crime podcast that covers some of the most heinous and shocking murders in Canadian history – hosted by Kristi Lee, an Aussie/Canadian true crime fanatic. The Witching Hour: Stories of the Macabre and Unusual Three … More Day 24