Day 31

Day 31: American Unicorns | RedHanded American Unicorns Once every 1,000 years, two people come together and use their words to change the course of the world, as we know it. We are not those two people, but we like to pretend we are. Now you may be asking yourself, what is an American Unicorn? … More Day 31

Day 30

Day 30: Podcast Playlist | Unwritten Podcast Playlist A podcast about podcasts and which are great. Unwritten We are an unabashedly feminist fiction podcast that follows two female leads through the trials of life. While we strive to entertain and keep our listeners laughing and on the edge of their seats, we also confront important … More Day 30

Day 29

Day 29: For Keeps | Edquiring Minds For Keeps Cast-off homemade cassette tapes, celebrities’ old typewriters, Barry Manilow memorabilia — people collect all kinds of interesting and unusual things, and the podcast “For Keeps” collects the stories of these passionate (and sometimes record-setting) collectors. Each show features an in-depth yet lighthearted conversation with a collector … More Day 29

Day 28

Day 28: Fish Nerds | The Comedy Cast Fish Nerds We talk about fish, fishing and eating fish. The show is Always Interesting, Usually Funny and Mostly True. The Comedy Cast I interview new and up-and-coming stand-up comedians from all over the English-speaking world. Fish Nerds: Romance River Sharks Fishy Music Episode We talk about how … More Day 28

Day 27

Day 27: BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files | The Journey BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files BSP: The Idio[t]synchrasy Files is a podcast that delves into strange and humorous phenomena including seeing Jesus on your toast, supernatural sightings, crypto-zoology, and so much more. Cody and Chris have created a platform on which they can discuss both sides of … More Day 27

Day 26

Day 26: Guilty Podcast | Anachronismo! Guilty Podcast Colin, a recent law school graduate who is preparing to sit for the bar exam, tells a story about a criminal based on a particular theme. The legal aspects, if there are any, are also explored After that, Colin is joined by long time friend David, a … More Day 26

Day 25

Day 25: Small Batch News | Happy Trail Mix Small Batch News Un-Trump your daily news. Stories from around the world, and the occasional pun, all in under 10 minutes. Happy Trail Mix Happy Trail Mix serves up a deliciously offensive bowl of weird news and opinions every Sunday. Our 30 minute episodes are filled … More Day 25