Submit A Podcast

#2PodsADay is accepting submissions for our fourth campaign, which will run January 1 through February 28.

Campaign Information
The #2PodsADay campaign roots its success in its collaboration with and across all participating podcasts. We believe that the best way to produce growth is by leveraging the networks of participants. So, the expectation is that everyone will be involved in promoting the campaign on social media and their shows.

#2PodsADay promotes two independent podcasts each day for a month.
We use the following promotional tools:
• A blog (daily)
• Twitter (daily)
• A Facebook group (daily)
• Instagram (daily)
• Radio Public (end of campaign)
• Promotion on other podcasts (throughout the campaign)
• Facebook Ads (throughout the campaign)

We ask that all participants do the following:
• Write 3 peer reviews (these podcast episodes will be assigned).
• Do one on air promotion (suggested script will be provided).
• Do daily social media blasts, promoting the podcasts of the day.

We are accepting applications: October 1, 2017 – January 25, 2018.
To apply, please fill out the form here. .
Selected podcasts will need to pay an $10 administration fee, which covers the cost of building and executing (approx. 90 hours), and promoting (Facebook ads) the campaign.

Criteria and Selection Process
All podcasts must be independently produced and inclusive.
We don’t promote shows that include hate-speak of any kind. We fully support freedom of speech and artistic exploration; however, #2Pods needs to be a safe space for all listeners.

When selecting podcasts to promote, we consider genre diversity, growth potential, consistency, and catalogue. Ideally, the line-up will look like this:

10% Well known shows
20% Moderately known shows
30% Up and coming shows
40% Newcomers and/or Lesser known shows

10% True Crime & Occult
10% Movies & Television
10% History & Politics
10% Science & Psychology
10% Comedy
10% Pop Culture
20% Social Issues & Humanities
10% Travel
10% Variety & Miscellaneous

We try to accept shows on a mostly first come, first served basis, while considering all of the above. If your show is not selected, we welcome you to continue applying for future campaigns.

Our podcast Film Roast had a great experience participating in 2 Pods A Day. For us, it helped people who would otherwise never discover our podcast to find us and it helped people convince people who may have been on the fence before. We reached our highest number of downloads to date in June and that is partially due to the reach and networking from 2 Pods a Day. The admiration and support from other pods was amazing. We felt like people were actually responding to us and giving us a shoutout!
In addition to being of great value a a podcaster, it was also useful for me as a listener! I discovered great podcasts like Our Americana, Pleasing Terrors, The Tight Ends, etc.”
-Film Roast Podcast

The 2PodsADay campaign was set-up to promote quality independently produced shows across any genre and it absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. During the week that our show, The Obvious Question, aired, our listenership increased by three times the amount that it had in the month prior – a huge bump. More than that, we were exposed to almost 60 other incredible podcasts, were able to trade reviews with some truly awesome and well-produced shows, and were able to participate as active members in the community that we are so passionate about. A special thanks to Josh Hallmark for conceiving the idea and for having the drive to make it happen so effectively – from preparing the start-up materials and communications, to the artwork, the sites, and the day-to-day love and care of promoting each show – a huge effort that he made look so effortless – THANK YOU.”
-The Obvious Question Podcast

“As a listener and huge podcast fan, I have loved #2PodsADay. It has been a fantastic and inspiring campaign. I have been introduced to so many different, independent podcasts; most of which I would never have discovered and listened to otherwise. I have definitely found some new favourites; and my list of subscribed podcasts has doubled in length. The variety of content has been huge, and there has been something for everyone. The featured podcasts all had an extremely high standard of content, research, production, and presentation. #2PodsADay has proven that independent podcasts and podcasters are some of the very best in the business. Can’t wait for the next round!”
-Vanessa York, Listener